Partial Authorization Reversal (76)

Partial Authorization Reversal (Type 76) functions include:

  • Use to settle a transaction.
  • If transaction cannot be settled; perform a Full Authorization Reversal (Type 61).
  • If total amount authorized exceeds amount to be settled by a larger amount than the Authorization Tolerance percentage, the Elavon software application automatically performs a Partial Authorization Reversal (Type 76), in specific industries where allowed, prior to settlement.
  • Transaction Type 76 is limited to certain industries and card types. Refer to the integration guide for your specific industry to determine if it applies to your integration.
  • If you want your application to exercise more control over the customer open-to-buy, your POS application can create the necessary partial authorization reversals.


The Elavon token or unique ID is tracked from the original Authorization which means type 76 does not require the cardholder account number.