This example illustrates the fields that need to be printed on electronic point-of-sale terminal receipts:

example of printed receipt fields

Receipt examples and fields are for general illustrative purposes. Your Third Party Processor may have requirements and rules that will require changes or additions to your receipts. Please follow your Third Party Processor’s receipt guidelines.

Receipt Fields

Receipt Sample #API Field #Field NameDescription and Notes
1N/AMerchant DBA NameRequired. The merchant’s Doing Business As (DBA) name must be printed.
Note: This should match the DBA name provided to the TPP and in some cases is part of the merchant information in the Fusebox Site ID.
2N/AMerchant City, State, and ZIP Code (Province and Postal Code for non-US merchants)Required. Should match the merchant city, state, and ZIP code provided to the TPP and in some cases is part of the merchant information in the Fusebox Site ID.
3N/AMerchant Phone NumberRequired. The number a cardholder would use to call the merchant directly for questions about the transaction. Although not specifically required, this is STRONGLY recommended, to avoid the customer calling their issuing bank for inquiries. This number should match the phone number provided to the TPP and in some cases is part of the merchant information in the Fusebox Site ID.
432Authorization DateRequired. Date the customer made the purchase. Format is MMDDYY.
533Authorization TimeRequired. Time the customer made the purchase. Format is HHMMSS.
67Reference NumberUnique number assigned by your application to this transaction. Although it is not mandatory that this field be printed, for audit and reconciliation purposes, Elavon recommends that this information be printed on the receipt.
73Account Number MaskedRequired. Card associations require that the account number be masked except the last 4 digits. For online debit transactions, only the last four digits of the account number should be displayed. Visa USA requires masking all except the last four digits of the cardholder’s account number on the copy of the transaction receipt.
84Expiration Date MaskedThe common standard is not to print the expiration date. Visa USA requires masking of the cardholder’s entire expiration date on the copy of the transaction receipt.
91001Payment Type IdentifierRequired. Provided in the Output Response. Use either the two-character Card Type (Field 1000) or the Card Name (Field 1001).
10N/ADescription of Goods and ServicesDescription of purchased items. All items will be listed with a price for each, item number, and subtotal of all items together.
112AmountRequired. Final amount of the transaction.
632Account BalanceRequired on Declines, optional on other transaction types. In the event of a pre-paid gift card, a decline may occur if partial authorizations are not supported. In this case, the remaining balance should be printed on the receipt for the cardholder reference. The account balance may be printed any time it has been returned to the POS application. Conditional statement If there is a partial auth and remaining balance, this field must be displayed.
126Approval Code (Authorization No.)Required. Approval code assigned to this transaction. Not required if the transaction is Visa Easy Payment Service (VEPS).
13N/ATran IDSome TPPs (mostly On-line Debit and Host Capture) require a STAN or Tran ID to be presented on receipts. Refer to the Debit Addendum, Gift Card Addendum or specific Third Party Processor Interface to confirm specific data field to be printed on receipts.
14N/ACardholder SignatureRequired. If a receipt is used detailing the goods or services received, the customer or cardholder must sign the receipt as an agreement for the transaction. The merchant must obtain the customer’s signature during the transaction. Cardholder signature is not needed if the PIN is an acceptable substitute for cardholder signature, or at self-service terminals.
14aN/ADisclosure StatementRequired. As part of the signature requirement, a disclosure statement (statement regarding the cardholder’s agreement to pay amount on receipt) must be printed on the receipt. The card associations dictate the content of the disclosure statement. The statement that appears should be configurable by card type.
15N/ARefund Policy DisclosureSuggested. Statement regarding the merchant’s refund policy. Required to be approximately 0.25 inches high and near the cardholder signature area.
16N/ALegendRequired. Refers to the distribution of the copies. The top copy, or the copy that the customer actually signs, must stay with the merchant. For example, Merchant’s copy, Cardholder’s copy
Not Shown17Cashback AmountRequired. If the transaction has cashback, the amount in API field 17 it must be printed on the receipt.
Not Shown1002Cardholder NameOptional. If available, the cardholder name can be printed so the transaction processors can identify who purchased the goods or services. Cardholder information can only be provided if track 1 is read and passed to the Elavon Gateway application.
Not Shown43Unique Trace Audit NumberConditional. Unique number assigned to transaction by the processor. Note This field is only used with Host Capture Processing (PIN Debit, Credit, Gift, Check), and may vary by Third Party Processor Interface.