This is Elavon's EMV Implementation Guide for Point of Sale (POS). It contains generic EMV implementation requirements and guidelines for interfacing to Elavon, as well as the specific EMV implementation required to connect the different front ends/message specifications (Fusebox, viaConex, Encompass4, Converge, and ISO-8583).

Configurations supported

POS configurations

Multiple POS configurations are possible for both EMV and traditional Magnetic Stripe processing. In this section, the supported configurations (integrated and standalone) and their variations (fully integrated, partially integrated, and semi-integrated) are listed.

Integrated configurations

Integrated POS configurations are solutions where an external terminal is connected to an Electronic Cash Register (ECR), adding EMV contact and contactless functionalities to it.

Integrated solutions have different implementations, depending on the division of roles between the ECR and the Point of Sale:

Configuration Host connectivity Host message implementation EMV Kernel Contactless Kernel PCI scope
Fully integrated ECR ECR Terminal Terminal ECR and Terminal
Partially integrated ECR Terminal Terminal Terminal Terminal
Semi-integrated Terminal Terminal Terminal Terminal Terminal


The ECR can be removed from the PCI CDE scope if the terminal uses P2PE (for partially and semi-integrated configurations)

Figure 1 POS Architecture – Fully integrated

Figure 2 POS Architecture – Partially integrated

Figure 3 POS Architecture – Semi-integrated

Standalone configurations

Standalone POS configurations are solutions where the EMV logic (contact and contactless) and the acquirer host message implementation is managed within the terminal. In this configuration, there is no interaction with an ECR, if present.

Standalone implementations sometimes use an external PIN pad or contactless extension.

Figure 4 POS Architecture – Standalone

Transaction Authorization modes

Multiple authorization modes exist for processing transactions. The table below summarizes the different configurations, their meaning, and their support through Elavon.

Mode Designation Supported
Online Only All transactions are processed online. Yes
Offline with Online capabilities

This mode supports multiple scenarios:

Transactions authorized offline, based on specific risk management features.

Transactions are sent online for authorization based on terminal configuration and/or if they cannot be authorized offline.

Please note that this mode is different from STIP (Stand-In Processing).

Offline only All transactions are processed offline. This mode is used on specific scenarios (e.g: unattended cardholder activated –or UCAT) and is outside the scope of this document. No

Supported products

The following table summarizes the products supported by brand, and which products support DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion).

Brand Product AID Payment Type DCC Supported
Amex Credit A00000002501 Credit No
Debit Network Alliance (DNA) U.S. Common Debit A0000006200620 Debit No
Discover Credit A0000001523010 Credit No
Discover Expresspay (ZIP) A0000003241010 Credit No
Discover U.S. Common Debit A0000001524010 Debit No
Interac Canadian Debit (in Canada) A0000002771010 Debit No
JCB Credit A0000000651010 Credit No
MasterCard Credit or Debit A0000000041010 Credit Yes
MasterCard International Maestro A0000000043060 Debit No
MasterCard U.S. Maestro A0000000042203 Debit No
UnionPay Debit Debit A000000333010101 Debit No
UnionPay Credit Credit A000000333010102 Credit No
UnionPay Quasi Credit Credit A000000333010103 Credit No
UnionPay Common Debit U.S. Common Debit A000000333010108 Debit No
Visa Credit or Debit A0000000031010 Credit Yes
Visa Electron A0000000032010 Credit (North America) Yes
Visa Visa Common Debit A0000000980840 Debit No
Visa Interlink A0000000033010 Debit No

Products in roadmap

The products below are not supported currently but are on the Elavon roadmap. Elavon supports Interac for Canadian merchants.

Brand Product AID Payment Type
Interac Canadian Debit in U.S. A0000002771010 Debit
UnionPay Electronic Cash Debit A000000333010106 Credit