Acronyms Reference

Term Explanation
AAC Application Authentication Cryptogram
AC Application Cryptogram
AFL Application File Locator
AID Application IDentifier
AIP Application Interchange Profile
APDU Application Protocol Data Unit
ARPC Authorization ResPonse Command
ARQC Authorization ReQuest Command
ATC Application Transaction Counter
ATM Automated Teller Machine
AUC Application Usage Control
BIN Bank Identification Number
BTT UL Brand Test Tool
CA Certification Authority
CAM Card Authentication Method
CAP Chip Authentication Program
CDA Combined Data Authentication

Card IDentification Number (American Express – Embossed data). Also referred to as CIN

Cryptogram Information Data (Smart Card - Payment)

CNP Card Not Present

Card Present (Payment action)

Card Profile (Card Issuance)

CUP China Union Pay
CVC Card Verification Code
CVM Cardholder Verification Method
CVN Cryptogram Version Number
CVV Card Verification Value
DDA Dynamic Data Authentication
ECR Electronic Cash Register
EMV Europay MasterCard Visa
EMV CL EMV ContactLess
FCI File Control Information
FFI Form Factor Indicator
GPO Get Processing Options
IAD Issuer Application Data
ICC Integrated Circuit Card
IIN Issuer Identification Number
LVP Low-Value Payments
mPOS Mobile POS
MSD Magnetic Stripe Data
NFC Near-Field Communication
OTP One Time Password
PAN Primary Account number
PDOL Processing Options Object List
PCI Payment Card Industry
PCIDSS Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard
PIN Personal Identification Number
PK Public Key
POI Point of Interaction
POS Point of sale
PPSE Proximity Payment System Environment
PSE Payment System Environment
PSN PAN Sequence Number
PSP Payment Service Provider
qVSDC Quick Visa Debit Credit
RFU Reserved for Future Use
RSA Rivest Shamir Adleman (co-creators of the RSA cryptosystem)
SDA Static Data Authentication
SSD Supplementary Security Domain
SE Secure Element
SK Secret Key (eq. Private Key)
SMS Single Message System (Financial)
SP Service Provider
STP Elavon Self Test Platform
TTQ Terminal Transaction Qualifier
TVR Terminal Verification Results
TX or TXN Transaction
UBF UAE Bank Federation
UDK Unique Derived Key
UI User Interface
UICC Universal Integrated Circuit Card
UMD User Mobile Device
UN Unpredictable Number
UX User eXperience
VAS Value Added Services
VCN Virtual Card Number
VCBPCS Visa Cloud-Based Payment Contactless Specification
VCPS Visa Contactless Payment Specification
VDEP Visa Digital Enablement Platform
VMCPS Visa Mobile Contactless Payment Specification
VTS Visa Tokenization Service
WSP Wallet Service Provider
3DS 3D Secure

[^1]: The ECR can be removed from the PCI CDE scope if the terminal uses P2PE

[^2]: Note: For merchants or third party processors using a different tool, please contact your Elavon certification representative.

[^3]: Optional step; can be executed to improve security of the transaction

[^4]: The card is requested to provide an AAC in partial EMV therefore the EMV transaction is complete prior to sending the transaction to the issuer.

[^5]: Comingling debit and credit applications tied to a single account is highly unusual. Combo card issuance exists in Brazil and therefore may be encountered by NA-based customers when accepting payments from foreign cardholders. But, this type of issuance doesn’t happen outside of Brazil today, and is expressly prohibited for domestic issuance in some markets, like Canada.

[^6]: This step execution contains significant differences between contact and contactless

[^7]: Generally avoided in favor of speed, unless above the CVM limit

[^8]: Although this step is executed, the card is no longer in the field (i.e communicating with the terminal)

[^9]: Depending on brand implementation

[^10]: Elavon’s Simplify^TM^ solution uses the “credit” approach for Signature Brand Debit AIDs.