Use of Command Area by Tran Type and Message Type

The use of the Command Area in Field 11 is described below under separate headings for Financial and Non-Financial Messages.

Financial Transaction Messages

The Field 11 subfields are:

  • Switch Timeout Value – Three-digit field (right-justified / zero-filled) controls how long (in seconds) Simplify will wait for a response from Fusebox.

      Note: The length of this timeout value must be shorter than the POS timeout value.

Non-Financial Messages

As shown in the following table, the structure of Field 11 for Non-Financial Messages depends on the Message Type (field 11, bytes 1-2). The subfields defined for each supported Message Type are as follows (see separate table below for Message Type = 6):

Note: The value 13 for Message Type is reserved.

The Field 11 subfields are used as follows:

  • Message Type – Two-digit field used along with the Tran Type to identify the purpose of the message. Always present for Tran Type = 36.

  • Transaction Sequence Number – Three-byte field containing POS transaction sequence number. This field is echoed back in the response.

  • Screen ID – Three-digit field in Signature Request used to indicate which screen should be displayed when prompting for the customer’s signature. This field is echoed back in Signature Response. (Designed for future use. Currently only ID = 001 is in use.) This field is also present in the Informational Prompt Request/Response, but is not used.

  • Completion Code – Three-digit field in Signature Response or Informational Prompt Response indicating the outcome of the request.

Completion Code Outcome
000 In Informational Prompt Response: Successful
004 DONE/ACCEPT key pressed. Signature data is present
006 ABORT/CANCEL key pressed
008 Signature entry aborted by Simplify
009 Signature entry aborted due to memory being exceeded
010 Memory exhaustion
099 Customer pressed CANCEL after starting to sign. (NA 006 will be sent if cannot detect signature)
100 Transaction not allowed for device.
PIN Pad is currently busy.
For signature capture: Unable to create sigcap object or signature too small two times.
200 EMV Card Still Inserted
998 Invalid Format
999 Timed Out

  • Version Build Info – Simplify version and build information.

  • Timeout Value for advance DDK message to host – How long Simplify will wait for a host response to an advance DDK request.

  • Timeout – Screen timeout in seconds.

  • Command – System command sent from the POS to Simplify. The following command is currently supported:

Command Requested Action
001 PIN Pad reboot
  • Status Identifier – Three-digit transaction status code sent from Simplify to POS. A table included in a Simplify parameter file indicates which status identifiers are enabled. The following status identifiers are currently enabled:
Status Identifier Status Message
001 Processing Please Wait
002 Slide Card
003 Enter PIN
004 Amount OK
005 Enter Tender Type (Debit / Credit)
006 Cash Back
007 Enter Account Number
008 Enter Expiration Date
009 Enter CVV
010 Enter ZIP Code (AVS Data)
011 Cash Back Other
012 – 016 [Reserved]
017 EMV AID list
019 EMV Account Type Selection
021 EMV card has been removed