Recommended Rules for Handling

Recommended Rules for Handling

The recommended rules for handling Stand-In Responses are as follows.

  1. All responses with *SLR STAND-IN. need to be recorded by the POS (Stand-In List). This includes all transactions that were either locally approved or locally declined.

  2. If the merchant is a host capture merchant:

    a. Go through the Stand In-List.

    b. If the POS processed the transaction as approved:

      i. Send an inquiry
        1. If inquiry response is that the transaction was approved (Transaction Type = original)
          a. Done
        2. If inquiry response is no record (Transaction Type = 22)
          a. Submit the Stand-in Transaction for processing.
  3. If the merchant is a Terminal Batch Merchant:

    a. Follow the Elavon Gateway process on including offline transactions to the batch for settlement.