Stand-In Processing

Simplify can be configured to support Stand-In processing after a Host Timeout. This allows timed-out transactions to be approved offline by the POS and resubmitted through Simplify (or directly to Fusebox) for host approval.

Note: The Host Timeout limit is defined individually for each request in the first three bytes of Field 11 of the request.

IMPORTANT: PCI DSS Compliance: A Stand-in Response contains encrypted customer data. The customer is responsible for making this data unrecoverable after completion of the authorization process (PCI DSS 3.0 Requirement 3.2).

Stand-In support is configured independently for each tender type and applies to the following transaction types:

  • Sale

  • Auth

  • Refund (If no token is available for the transaction)

If Simplify times out waiting for a host response to one of the above financial transaction types (Sale, Auth, Refund), the outcome at the POS process will depend on whether Stand-In is enabled. This is explained further in this chapter.