Exit Reversal Mode Message (Tran Type 36-12)

Simplify supports an Exit Reversal Mode message from the POS.

Simplify uses reversal mode to force a host reversal after the ICC (Integrated Circuit Card) declines a host-approved EMV transaction or the customer removes the ICC before a host-approved transaction is completed. If this occurs, a reversal request will be sent for the approved transaction, and resent if necessary, until a host response is received. While in reversal mode, all other transactions on the PIN Pad will be processed offline.

The POS can force Simplify to exit reversal mode by sending an Exit Reversal Mode message. Simplify will respond by sending a Void Transaction Response (11) message to the POS, including the data required to request the reversal. The PIN Pad will then return to normal processing mode. If this message is sent and Simplify is not in reversal mode, it will just echo back the same message it receives.

IMPORTANT: Forcing Simplify to exit reversal mode is an exception procedure that should only be used when necessary. If Simplify is forced out of reversal mode, the merchant will be responsible for ensuring that the transaction is reversed by the host, using the data in the Void Transaction Response. Elavon strongly recommends allowing Simplify to reverse all host-approved ICC-declined transactions.

Note: The POS can also force Simplify to exit reversal mode from within the Elavon Main Menu on the PIN Pad. See the Simplify Download Configuration and Troubleshooting Guide for details.

Sample Exit Reversal Mode Message Exchange


An example of an Exit Reversal Mode message (from the POS process to Simplify) is:

API Field #, Value Description
0001,36 Transaction Type 36. Non-Financial message
0007,1 Transaction Sequence Number
0011,xxx.. Field 11 is defined as User Data. See Appendix F for the use of this field
0013,092815 Transaction Date (current date) – MMDDYY
0014,150258 Transaction Time (current time) – HHMMSS

Response (Void Transaction)

A sample of a Void Transaction Response sent in response to an Exit Reversal Mode message is found under EMV Sample Messages.