Message Details

The Elavon Gateway API message details are specified in the Elavon Gateway Message Getting Started Guide. For more details see this guide and / or the appropriate Fusebox industry guides. The following notes are Simplify-specific items.

Note: To allow manual entry at the PIN Pad, set Field 3 in the Request message to "K." Manual entry must also be enabled for the card type used in the transaction. This is not supported for debit.

Note: If the POS system knows the token for the customer’s account number, it can be sent in Field 3 of the Request message, preceded by "ID:" (for example: 0003,ID:1112438802818779). If the token is sent in Field 3, Field 115 (Transaction Qualifier) must also be sent.

Note: If the POS system knows the customer’s account number, it can be sent in Field 3, with the account Expiration Date sent in Field 4.

Note: If the response message sent to the POS in field 1010 on an offline transaction starts with ICC or SLR, the message is generated by Simplify. See Simplify-Generated Response Codes for more information on these messages.

IMPORTANT: Elavon does not recommend padding the Reference Number field (Field 0007) with leading zeros. If padding is used, please pad all messages with zeroes in a consistent manner. This will eliminate any potential for discrepancies in how this field is presented in two-part transactions and greatly reduce any chance of downgrades or fees.