Quick Chip Tendering

Quick Chip is a feature used to speed up the processing of EMV and other transactions. This feature has two parts:

  • On EMV transactions, no second Application Cryptogram (AC) will be required when processing the response. This will allow the customer to complete card processing and remove their card before Simplify receives the host response.

  • A Quick Chip Message (Tran Type 36-40) will be supported for Sale, Auth and Refund transactions (EMV or non-EMV). If Simplify receives a valid Quick Chip request from the POS, it will allow the customer to insert their card and complete card processing before the PINpad receives the transaction total. The Quick Chip request will then need to be followed by a financial request.

A Quick Chip tender is defined as a tender whose processing includes a valid Quick Chip Message.

Quick Chip Message details are as follows:

  • Message fields are field 1 (Tran Type = 36) and field 11.

  • Field 11 in the request must contain a Q token.

  • Field 11 in the response contains a Completion Code (bytes 9-11) giving the outcome of the request. A value of 000 indicates a valid Quick Chip request; if non-zero, processing ahead of the transaction total will not be allowed.

  • See Field 0011 (User Data) especially under Token Area for more information on field 11 in the Quick Chip Message.

Other processing modifications for Quick Chip tenders include the following:

  • After Simplify receives a Quick Chip request, the following screens will be suppressed until the Financial request is received: Amount OK, Tip Amount.

  • Additional Status Messages have been added to support Quick Chip. Please consult your Elavon representative for more information.

  • Simplify can be configured to support Cash Back for Quick Chip Sale tenders. Please consult your Elavon representative for more information.

  • If a tender type is sent in both the Quick Chip request and the financial request (both optional), the tender types must match; if not the transaction will be declined.

  • Simplify can be configured to require customer confirmation if Cancel is pressed during a Quick Chip tender.