Other EMV-Related Response Fields

In addition to print fields, other fields have also been added to the Simplify response to support EMV processing. As show in the following table, some of these added fields provide the POS with information regarding e.g. data entry mode, terminal capabilities and chip condition. Please refer to Fusebox integration documentation for more information.

API FieldField NameDescription
0047POS Data CodeDefines properties of the POS device, PIN Pad capabilities or the cardholder interaction
0052Transponder / Proximity IndicatorValue based on a combination of PIN Pad contactless capability, card data entry mode and type of contactless supported (if any)
0054POS Entry ModeIdentifies how the card data was entered
0055PIN CapabilitiesIdentifies whether the PIN Pad is capable of accepting PIN entry
0057ICC Chip Condition CodeIdentifies the condition of the ICC Chip / Account data source
1359EMV CVM Verification IndicatorField to indicate to the POS the cardholder verification methods. Valid values are:
  • 0 - Failed CVM
  • 1 - Signature required
  • 2 - PIN required
  • 3 - PIN and signature required
  • 4 – Not determined. POS should request signature.

These fields will be sent to the POS for any transaction (EMV or not) in which a chip (ICC) is present.

For more information on API 47, see the Fusebox Integration Guide under “API Reference”. For more information on the other fields described above, see EMV in the Fusebox Integration Guide under “EMV API Fields”.