ICC Chip Declines

If the ICC chip declines a host-approved transaction, or the customer removes their card from the chip reader before a host-approved transaction is completed, the host approval will need to be reversed.

Note: If the chip declines a transaction, field 1003 will return a value of 60 and the message in field 1010 will begin with *ICC. See Simplify-Generated Messages for more information. Field 26 will specify the reason for the decline. 2 = Chip requested decline. 3 = Premature EMV card removal.

If a host approval needs to be reversed, Simplify will send an EMV decline of the original transaction to the POS and go into reversal mode to force a host reversal. In reversal mode, Simplify sends the reversal (Tran Type 11) to the host, and resends it if necessary, until a response is received. While this is taking place, any other transactions sent to the PIN Pad will be processed offline. After Simplify receives an approval of the reversal, it will return to normal processing mode.

Sample ICC Chip Decline Response

Below is a sample of a response for an approved Sale transaction that was declined by the chip:

API Field #, Value Description
0001,02 Transaction Type
0002,100 Transaction Amount
0006,007936 Authorization code (returned by Fusebox)
0007,1 Transaction ID / Reference Number
0009,001 Fusebox – Host Batch Number
0011,xxx.. User Data. See Field 11 for the use of this field
0013,092618 Transaction Date (current date)– MMDDYY
0014,161616 Transaction Time (current time) – HHMMSS
0017,000 Cash Back Amount
0026,2 Reason for chip decline (2=Chip requested decline; 3=Premature EMV card removal)
0030,1 Fusebox – Online Indicator
0032,092818 Fusebox – Authorization Transaction Date
0033,191640 Fusebox – Authorization Transaction Time
0035,0926 Validation Code
0036,MCC0111XP Host Transaction Identifier
0037,0 Fusebox – Authorizer
0043,026843 System Trace Audit Number
0047,C;1;1;1;0;1;5;1;4;3;3;1;0;4 POS Data Code
0052,0 Transponder / Proximity Indicator (0 = contact; 2 = contactless; 5 = swiped)
0054,05 POS Entry Mode (EMV Tag 9F39)
0055,1 PIN Capabilities
0057,0 ICC Chip Condition Code
0062,201 Service Code
0109,RETERM1 Terminal ID (provided by Elavon)
0110,205 Cashier ID
0112,400 Fusebox – Processor ID
0115,010 Transaction Qualifier (010 = credit; 030 = debit)
0125,926231640 Retrieval Reference Number (may need to appear on receipt)
0126,2 Track Indicator (may need to appear on receipt)
0130,100 Authorized Amount
0140,USD Merchant Currency
0141,840 Terminal Currency Code
0163,en Cardholder Language Preference (EMV Tag 5F2D)
0201,000 Tip Amount
0651,0000000 Reversal data (for reversal, if needed)
1000,MC Card Type
1001,MASTERCARD Card Name
1002,Test Card 12 Cardholder Name
1003,228 Gateway Response Code
1004,APPROVAL Host Response Message
1005,0010600008014593613999 Merchant Number
1008,************0434 Masked Account Number
1009,AA Host Response Code
1010,*ICC EMV DECLINED Simplify Response Message
1012,0960 Gateway Batch Number
1300,2E5DADC3419BB558 Application Cryptogram (EMV Tag 9F26)
1301,04301902F97D90A70012 Issuer Authentication Data (EMV Tag 91)
1302,181231 Application Expiration Date (EMV Tag 5F24)
1303,020000 Cardholder Verification Method (CVM) Results (EMV Tag 9F34)
Issuer Application Data (EMV Tag 9F10)
1306,E0F8C8 Terminal Capabilities (EMV Tag 9F33)
1307,4000048000 Terminal Verification Result (TVR) (EMV Tag 95)
1312,840 Terminal Country Code (EMV Tag 9F1A)
1313,00 Application PAN Sequence Number (EMV Tag 5F34)
1314,A0000000041010 Dedicated File Name (EMV Tag 84)
1317,0002 Terminal Application Version Number (EMV Tag 9F09)
1318,00000001 Transaction Sequence Counter (EMV Tag 9F41)
1319,5800 Application Interchange Profile (EMV Tag 82)
1320,0057 Application Transaction Counter (ATC) (EMV Tag 9F36)
1321,80 Cryptogram Information Data (EMV Tag 9F27)
1322,22 Terminal Type (EMV Tag 9F35)
1323,1B758261 Unpredictable Number (EMV Tag 9F37)
1325,A0000000041010 ICC Application Identifier (AID) (EMV Tag 4F)
1326,MasterCard ICC Application Preferred Name (EMV Tag 9F12)
1327,MasterCard Terminal Application Label (EMV Tag 50)
1328,A0000000041010 Terminal Application Identifier (AID) (EMV Tag 9F06)
1332,FF00 Application Usage Control (EMV Tag 9F07)
1333,06152016 Last Host EMV Key Download
1334,E800 Transaction Status Information (EMV Tag 9B)
1339,00 EMV Response Code (EMV Tag 8A)
1350,F1 CA Public Key Index (EMV Tag 8F)
1357,840 ICC Transaction Currency (EMV Tag 5F2A)
1358,00 Cryptogram Tran Type (EMV Tag 9C)
1361,0840 Issuer Currency Code (EMV Tag 5F56)
CVM List EMV Tag (8E)
1378,1326|Application Label: ;1300|TC: ;1307|TVR: ;1325|AID: ; EMV Approved Receipt Field List
1379,1326|Application Label: ;1300|AAC: ;1307|TVR: ;1325|AID: ; EMV Declined Receipt Field List
1380,CHIP POS Entry Receipt Indicator
5002,283082639 Device Serial Number
5004,V1 Encryption Provider ID
5071,xxx… Defines whether card and cardholder are present. See Field 5071 (Card/Cardholder Present?).
7007,1116270838009764 Transaction Link Identifier (a unique identifier to link transactions)
8002,SIMTEST Location Name (provided by Elavon)
8006,TSTLA3 Chain Code (provided by Elavon)