EMV Tags

EMV tags are typically present in the response to the POS in the following fields. (This is a generic list; specific transactions may omit some of these tags or include others not shown below.)

API Field #, ValueDescription
0054,05POS Entry Mode (EMV Tag 9F39)
0163,enCardholder Language Preference (EMV Tag 5F2D)
1300,6340AF8FFA1D0121Application Cryptogram (EMV Tag 9F26)
1301,E8D8ACF3A49D94373030Issuer Authentication Data (EMV Tag 91)
1302,221231Application Expiration Date (EMV Tag 5F24)
1303,5E0300Cardholder Verification Method (CVM) Results (EMV Tag 9F34)
1305,06010A03602000Issuer Application Data (EMV Tag 9F10)
1306,E0F8C8Terminal Capabilities (EMV Tag 9F33)
1307,8080008000Terminal Verification Results (TVR) (EMV Tag 95)
1312,124Terminal Country Code (EMV Tag 9F1A)
1313,01Application PAN Sequence Number (EMV Tag 5F34)
1314,A0000000031010Dedicated File Name (EMV Tag 84)
1315,0096ICC Application Version Number (EMV Tag 9F08)
1317,008CTerminal Application Version Number (EMV Tag 9F09)
1318,00000107Transaction Sequence Counter (EMV Tag 9F41)
1319,1C00Application Interchange Profile (EMV Tag 82)
1320,0145Application Transaction Counter (ATC) (EMV Tag 9F36)
1321,40Cryptogram Information Data (EMV Tag 9F27)
1322,22Terminal Type (EMV Tag 9F35)
1323,F131728BUnpredictable Number (EMV Tag 9F37)
1325,A0000000031010ICC Application Identifier (AID) (EMV Tag 4F)
1326,Visa CreditICC Application Preferred Name (EMV Tag 9F12)
1327,VISA CREDITTerminal Application Label (EMV Tag 50)
1328,A0000000031010Terminal Application Identifier (AID) (EMV Tag 9F06)
1332,FF00Application Usage Control (EMV Tag 9F07)
1334,7800Transaction Status Information (EMV Tag 9B)
1339,00EMV Response Code (EMV Tag 8A)
1350,92CA Public Key Index (EMV Tag 8F)
1354,03ICC Public Key Exponent (EMV Tag 9F47)
1357,124ICC Transaction Currency (EMV Tag 5F2A)
1358,00Cryptogram Tran Type (EMV Tag 9C)
1361,840Issuer Currency Code (EMV Tag 5F56)
CVM List (EMV Tag 8E)
1382,F000F0A001Additional Terminal Capabilities (EMV Tag 9F40)