Sample Stand-In Response

A sample of the Stand-In Response for an offline transaction is as follows:

(Stand-in enabled; EMV enabled but configured not to return EMV tags on Stand-In)

API Field #, ValueDescription
0001,02Transaction Type
0002,5.00Transaction Amount
0003,;&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&=&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&?Encrypted Track Data. (See Usage for details.)
0006,SN:283082639Serial Number (needed to decrypt)
0007,1278Transaction ID / Reference Number
0011,xxx..User Data.(See Field 0011 (User Data) for details.)
0013,121518Transaction Date (current date)– MMDDYY
0014,132920Transaction Time (current time) – HHMMSS
0017,Cash Back Amount
0047,C;1;1;1;0;1;5;1;1;3;3;1;0;4POS Data Code
0052,5Transponder / Proximity Indicator (0 = contact; 2 = contactless; 5 = swiped)
0054,05POS Entry Mode
0055,9PIN Capabilities
0057,0ICC Chip Condition Code
0109,RETERM1Terminal ID (provided by Elavon)
0110,205Cashier ID
0115,010Transaction Qualifier (010 = credit; 030 = debit)
0201,0.00Tip Amount
1002,TEST CARD/EMV BIN-2Cardholder Name
1003,0000Response Code
1004,APPROVALHost Response Message
1008,ID:Set to ID: to request that an account token be returned by Fusebox.
1009,00Host Response Code
1010,*SLR STAND-INSimplify-Generated Response Message. See Stand-in Processing.
1314,A0000000041010Dedicated File Name
1322,22Terminal Type
5002,283082639Serial Number (needed to decrypt)
5004,V1Encryption Provider ID
5071,xxx…Defines whether card and cardholder are present. (See Field 5071 (Card/Cardholder Present?) for details.)
8002,SIMTESTLocation Name (provided by Elavon)
8006,TSTLA3Chain Code (provided by Elavon)