Version Number Inquiry Message (Tran Type 36-06)

Simplify supports a Version Number Inquiry message from the POS process.

The POS system can send this message to Simplify when it wants to check PIN Pad version numbers (Simplify application, Simplify parameter, Verifone OS) and/or Terminal Type.

The Version Number Inquiry Request does not contain field 5001. The only fields are field 1 (Tran Type = 36) and field 11.

Upon receipt of the Version Number Inquiry message, Simplify will send a Version Number Inquiry Response message containing the requested data back to the POS system. In addition to the usual Tran Type 36 message fields, this Response includes the PIN Pad serial number in field 5002.

Field 5001 Format

(Generic Format)

The format of this field is TTTLLLVVV…VV, where:

TTT is a Tag.

LLL is the maximum length of the data

VVV..VV is the data

Request(Not used)

Simplify application and parameter version numbers and Verifone OS version number active in the PIN Pad, and Terminal Type.

TTT - Currently defined tags for Message Type 06 are:

006 – Application/parameter/OS version numbers and Terminal Type

LLL = 052


Padded Simplify application version number (20 bytes; right-justified)

Padded Simplify parameter version number (20 bytes; left-justified)

Verifone OS version number (8 bytes)

Terminal Type (4 bytes)

Sample Response Message

An example of a Version Number Inquiry Response message (from Simplify to the POS) is:

API Field #, ValueDescription
0001,36Transaction Type. A value of 36 indicates a Non-Financial transaction
0011,xxx..User Data. See Field 11 for the use of this field
5001,006052 30811700PCI3
[padding represented by single space]
Version number data
006 = Tag for Application/parameter/OS version #s and Terminal Type
052 = length of version number data
2.19.24 = Simplify application version number
2.19.01 = Simplify parameter version number
30811700 = Verifone OS version number
PCI3 = Terminal Type (PCI3 or PCI4)
5002,169005255PIN Pad serial number