Signature Message (Tran Types 36-01, 36-02)

Simplify supports Signature Request / Response messages from / to the POS process.

The POS system sends Simplify a Signature Request message when the POS system needs to collect a customer signature. Upon receipt of the Signature Request message a pop-up screen prompts the customer for a signature. The customer completes the signature entry (by signing or canceling).

Simplify sends a Signature Response message back to the POS system. If signature data is captured by Simplify, it will be sent to the POS in field 5000 of the Signature Response. The format of this data is three-byte ASCII.

Field 5001 Format

(Generic format)

The generic format of this field is TTTLLLVVV…VV (can be repeated up to four times in Request), where:

TTT is a Tag.

LLL is the length of the data.

VVV..VV is the data.

Request (optional)

Provides the POS with some control over signature screen verbiage:

TTT - Supported tags are:

001 – User text line 1 (Maximum length of 40)

002 – User text line 2 (Maximum length of 40)

003 – User text line 3 (Maximum length of 40)

004 – User text line 4 (Maximum length of 40)

VVV..VV defines the text to be displayed.

Note: If a PIN Pad model supports fewer text lines than defined by this field, the excess lines will be ignored

Response (not used)

Sample Messages


An example of a Signature Request message (from the POS to Simplify) for Screen ID = 001 is:

API Field #, ValueDescription
0001,36Transaction Type. A value of 36 indicates a Non-Financial transaction
0011,xxx..User Data. See Field 11 for the use of this field
5001,001019Work order # 112233002018Estimate = $259.00

See format described above:

001 = Tag for Text Line 1

019 = Length of text for line 1

Work order # 112233 = Text for line 1

002 = Tag for Text line 2

018 = Length of text for line 2

Estimate = $259.00 = Text for line 2


An example of a Signature Response message (from Simplify to the POS) is:

API Field #, Value Description
0001,36 Transaction Type. A value of 36 indicates a Non-Financial transaction
0011,xxx.. User Data. See Field 11 for the use of this field
0052,5 Transponder / Proximity Indicator (0 = contact; 2 = contactless; 5 = swiped)
5000,xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx…….xx Signature data