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See also the Simplify Verifone Developer Guide under Simplify-Generated Messages.

Elm Registration Process


For all outcomes of registration attempts, the financial response message will contain additional information. For details, see under specific message types.

  1. Elm automatically attempts to register an MX PIN Pad when either of the following occurs:

    • The first financial request occurs after a download
    • A financial request contains an unregistered value in fields 8002 or 8006.

    A “Processing … Please Wait” message will be displayed while Simplify waits for the outcome of the registration attempt:

  2. After a successful registration, the PIN Pad will automatically reboot after a 1 minute delay. A wait screen will count down the time until the start of the reboot. This screen also shows the encryption Locator Values sent to the PIN Pad in the following fields of the authorization request: 0109 (Terminal ID), 8002 (Location Name) and 8006 (Chain Code).

    Fig. 23 Countdown screen with Locator Values

  3. When the PIN Pad reboots, a screen will display the message “System Reboot”.

  4. If a registration attempt fails, a decline or error screen will be displayed.

    If a registration attempt is declined because the Locator Values sent to the PIN Pad from the POS (and from the PIN Pad to Fusebox) did not match those expected by Fusebox, a decline screen (Fig. 24) will display showing the values sent from the POS:

    Fig. 24 Decline screen for Locator Value mismatch

  5. If a registration attempt fails due to a communications error, the following error message will display: “Initialization Error Contact Support”.

  6. After a decline or error screen, a Thank You screen will display followed by the usual Idle screen.

  7. If a registration attempt fails due to a communications error, the next financial request from the PIN Pad will trigger another registration attempt (step 1).

  8. If a registration request is declined (Fig. 24), there is a discrepancy between the Locator Values received by the PIN Pad from the POS (as displayed on the decline screen) and the values expected by Fusebox. The values being sent by the POS should be verified; if necessary, contact Elavon Gateway support. Be sure you have available: (1) the data shown on the decline screen, and (2) your boarding information.

  9. After the discrepancy has been corrected, you may need to clear the Locator Values before attempting to re-register the PIN Pad. To clear these values, run the PIN Pad application (or reboot) and wait for the Simplify initialization screen to appear (Fig. 25, same as Fig. 2).

    Fig. 25 Initialization screen with Config button

  10. As soon as the Config button appears on Fig. 25, quickly press the button or the Enter (green) key to display the Select a Function screen (Fig. 26, same as Fig. 3):

    Fig. 26 Select a Function screen

  11. Press the Clear Locator Values button on the Select a Function screen (Fig. 26). This button is used to clear locator values (Terminal ID, Location Name, Chain Code). After pressing this button, you will be asked for confirmation. The message “Clearing Locator Values will be displayed, followed by the Select a Function screen.

  12. Press Restart on the Select a Function screen. When the restart is complete, the Idle screen will be displayed.

  13. When the next financial request is received from the POS, Elm will attempt to register the PIN Pad (step 1). If the discrepancy involving the Locator Values has been corrected, registration should be successful. If so, the PIN Pad will reboot after a 1 minute delay (see Fig. 23).

  14. When the restart is complete, the Idle screen will display and the PIN Pad will be available for processing transactions.

PIN Pad Conditions

PIN Pad is blank or unresponsiveTouch screen may require calibration.To perform a touch screen calibration, follow this procedure:
  1. Login to Verifone System Mode (see Chapter 2).
  2. Select the Administration tab, then the Touch Panel tab. Follow the directions on the display to perform manual touch screen compensation.
PIN Pad is blank or unresponsive (after calibration)Unknown
  1. Disconnect the Power Pack connector from the Verifone multiport connector.
  2. Wait 10 seconds reconnect the Power Pack connector.
  3. Validate the screen and buttons respond.
  4. Run a test transaction to verify proper operation.

Connection Error Messages

Error MessagePossible CauseSteps to Investigate/Resolve
101 Initializing TCP/IPWaiting for TCP/IP Connection This error means “Network is unreachable.”
  1. Validate that the connection out to the network is working.
  2. Validate that the connection to Fusebox is up.
111 Initializing TCP/IPWaiting for TCP/IP Connection This error means “Connection refused”. This indicates that the connection to host is lost.Same as above.
113 Initializing TCP/IPWaiting for TCP/IP Connection This error means “No route to host”. This indicates some kind of TCP/IP error.
  1. Verify that the PIN Pad is connected to the network.
  2. Verify that the cable to the Verifone multiport connector is connected.
STOP IP connect error 9 please correctTrying to connect via SSL to a non-SSL port.Notify network administrator concerning incorrect configuration for communications.