Using the MX Downloader

The Simplify application is delivered to the PIN Pad in compressed form as a .tgz file.

The MX Downloader is a PC application (downloaded from Verifone) that can be used to control the downloading of .tgz files to the MX manually. The Downloader must reside on the same machine as the .tgz files it will process.

Since the procedure to download a .tgz file to a MX PIN Pad requires actions to be performed on both the PIN Pad and the PC containing the Downloader application, the installer will need to have access to both devices.

To load a PIN Pad using the MX Downloader

  1. From the Home screen under Verifone System Mode (Fig. 12), select the Transfer tab.

  2. From the Transfer screen, select the Netloader tab. This will display a screen allowing the PIN Pad to receive a download (fig. 17):

    Fig. 17

  3. On the machine where the MX Downloader has been installed, go to the Downloader and start the application. The Downloader window will be displayed (Fig. 18):

    Fig. 18

  4. In order to download a .tgz to an MX PIN Pad, the Destination IP field must contain its IP address. To enter the address, click on the first text box under Destination IP and type the first part of the address. Then tab to the next 3 boxes and type the next 3 parts of the address. (Leading zeroes not required.)



    The only fields that should be modified in this window are Destination IP and File to send. Download Type must be left as partial, unless instructed otherwise by Elavon.

  5. To select the download file, click on the Browse button under File to send and navigate to the .tgz file you want to download. Click on the file to put it in the File to send field. Then Click on the Send button to send the selected file to the MX.

  6. Download status will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. The sequence for a successful download is: Connect, Sending, Installing Files, Logging Off, Install Complete (Terminal Rebooting). The Installing Files and Install Complete (Terminal Rebooting) screens are shown below (Figs. 19-20):

    Fig. 19

    Fig. 20

  7. When the download is complete, close the MX Downloader by clicking on Exit.

  8. Go to the Home screen on the PIN Pad (Fig. 21, same as Fig. 12):

    Fig. 21

  9. Press the Run App button on the Home screen (Fig. 21). The Simplify Initialization screen (Fig. 22, same as Fig. 2) will be displayed:

    Fig. 22

  10. After connecting to Fusebox, an application-specific Idle screen will be displayed. The updated PIN Pad is now ready for use.