SCPGET Configuration

SCPGET client capability is automatically installed on the PIN Pad by the Simplify installation process. Client software is delivered pre-configured, with settings on each PIN Pad that allow it to communicate with its configured SCPGET server and receive downloads from this server. These settings are stored in the PIN Pad parameter file parm.fil and define server location (IP Address or host name), server port, user ID and user password.

If any pre-configured SCPGET client setting needs to be modified, this can be done by editing parm.fil in a text editor. In order to prevent the loading of unauthorized software, the modified parm.fil will need to be digitally signed by an appropriate authority before incorporating the modified file into a loadable .tgz. If desired, Elavon can help with this process.

A sample of the section of parm.fil that controls SCPGET communications is shown below. The UserName and Password will be included in the download request from Simplify to the configured SCPGET server and used to authenticate this request.


SFTPIP= // IP address or host name of the SFTP server

SFTPPort=22 // Port number for the SFTP server

UserName=sshtest2 // Username for the SFTP server

Password=Elavon11 // Password for the SFTP server