Viewing Simplify Load Information

To view information on the Simplify load present in the PIN Pad, press 0 and ENTER when the PIN Pad is in a Closed state. The PIN Pad will return to the usual Idle screen after several seconds. The information on this screen may be requested by Elavon for troubleshooting purposes.

The fields on this screen will vary by implementation. The following screens show a sample of the available fields:

The fields shown in the above sample define the following:

Field Description
Merchant: Customer for whom load was built
Vers: Simplify application and parameter version number
OS Vers: Verifone OS version number
CT Frame: Contact EMV framework version
CTLS Frame: Contactless EMV framework version
IP Addr: IP Mode and masked IP address of PIN Pad
Current Date/Time Current date/time
EMVCert: EMV version
Package: ID of package used to build current load
TndrVer: Tenderdef version
Serial: PIN Pad Serial Number
Kernal: EMV Kernel version
EMV_Applications : EMVParm version
EMV_Keys : Cakeys version
PCI4 Device : PCI4 compliant device?