Ethernet Configuration

Simplify supports Ethernet as the network type. IP Address, Netmask and Gateway can be defined in Verifone System Mode. Verifone System Mode should not be used to modify other configuration settings.



Note on navigation: the top line of the display can be used to move around in System Mode.

To Access Ethernet Configuration

  1. From the Home screen under Verifone System Mode (Fig. 12), select the Administration tab.

  2. From the Administration screen, select the Communication tab.

  3. From the Communication screen, select Network. This will display a screen showing current Network configuration (Fig. 14). The network type will be Ethernet.

    Fig. 14

  4. To perform Ethernet configuration, press the Ethernet tab on the Network screen to display a scrolling list of parameters (Fig. 15). Selecting a pencil icon will display a popup configuration window for the corresponding parameter.

    Fig. 15

Available Parameters



Note for data entry: A dot will be automatically added after each set of three digits entered. If any part of the address consists of only one or two digits, you must use leading zeroes to make it three digits. E.g. enter as 010164241131.

IP Address

The IP address of the PIN Pad.


The Netmask of the PIN Pad.


The Gateway of the PIN Pad.