System Login

To log in to Verifone system mode:

  1. Start the Simplify application. The following initialization screen will be displayed (Fig. 10, same as Fig. 2). Note that the Config button may not appear immediately.

    Fig. 10 Initialization screen with button in corner

  2. When the Initialization screen appears (Fig. 10), you can press the keys 159 on the PIN Pad to display the login screen for system mode (Fig. 11). These three keys must all be pressed at the same time.


    This keying sequence can also be used to access Verifone system login after initialization,provided that the PIN Pad is in a Closed state.

    Fig. 11 Login screen for System Mode

  3. Use the login screen to type in a system password with Supervisor rights. Contact your Elavon representative for the password. Then press the Enter (green) key. This will log the user into system mode and display the Home screen (Fig. 12).


    Access to Supervisor login should only be allowed when required for a specific reason.

    Fig. 12 Initial System Mode screen

  4. Tabs on the Home screen (Fig. 12) allow the user to perform various administrative tasks. This screen can also be used to run the Simplify application (Run App) or restart the PIN Pad (Reboot).

  5. The Verifone system login screen (Fig. 11) can also be used to run the application. Start by pressing the X (red) key on the PIN Pad when at this screen. This will display the following screen:

    Fig. 13 Menu for Run/Calibrate/Transfer Logs/System Information

  6. Key 1 on the PIN Pad to Run the Application. An “Application Started” message will be displayed, followed by the Initialization screen (Fig. 10) and then by the Idle screen.