POS Setup

The POS Setup menu displays/defines parameters required for Simplify-POS communications and other POS-related parameters. All parameters except for Source are read-only. To use this menu:

To Access POS Setup:

  1. Select POS Setup on the Elavon Main Menu to display the POS Setup menu.

    Fig. 8

Available Parameters


View/Modify communications type (0=RS232 Visa2; 1=RS232 FB; 2= TCP/IP; 3=Server TCP/IP). Note that the Server TCP/IP selection (Source = 3) is for future use.

Server Port

View the port ID used for Simplify-POS communications.


Do not modify the following parameters without consulting Elavon.

SSL Active

View whether or not Simplify-POS communications are encrypted. (0 = No encryption, 1 = Encryption)

SSL Method

View encryption type used for Simplify-POS communications. (1=SSLv2; 2=SSLv3; 3=TLSv1; 4=SSLv23; 5=TLSv1.1; 6=TLSv1.2)