Accessing the Elavon Main Menu

  1. Start the Verifone application and wait until a Config rectangle appears in the lower right corner of the screen (Fig. 2).

    Fig. 2

  2. Once Config appears, press this rectangle or the Enter (green) key to display the Select a Function screen (Fig. 3). This screen can be accessed whenever the above rectangle is displayed during the boot up sequence.

    Fig. 3



    The Restart, Clear Locator Values and Resume functions are discussed under Select a Function.

  3. Select Elavon Main Menu to display the login screen for this menu (Fig. 4).

    Fig. 4

  4. Use the login screen to type in the Elavon password. The Elavon Main Menu will display (Fig.5).



    Contact your Elavon representative for the password.

    Fig. 5

  5. To display a Setup screen, select the item from the Elavon Main Menu. An item can be selected by touching the item or by pressing the DOWN (and UP) buttons to highlight the item and then pressing SELECT.

    The UP, DOWN and SELECT buttons work the same on all Elavon Main Menu screens containing these buttons.

    The EXIT button on the Elavon Main Menu can be used to reboot the PIN Pad. After pressing this button, you will be asked for confirmation.