Test Cards

Please use the card numbers below when testing your integration. These are all test cards approved for use with Elavon's test systems and they will decline if used in live environments. Also, using any other test card numbers not listed here may produce a decline. Important - Use of live card numbers for testing is prohibited

You can use any future date for the expiration date, and any value as the CVC code.

Card Type Card Number
*Also works for 3D Secure
Visa Corporate
*Allows for the capture of additional Level 2 Data
MasterCard 5121212121212124
Discover 6011000000000004
Diners Club 36111111111111 (14 digit)
3811112222222222 (16 digit)
American Express 370000000000002
JCB 3566664444444445
Electronic Gift Card (EGC) 6032610007325520
Foreign Currency Cards 4032769999999992 (CAD)
5432675555555552 (EUR)

Refer to Elavon Test host Pre-Programmed Responses doc for generating different responses based on amount and different CVV response codes based on CVV code passed.

To order EMV test cards, visit B2 Payment Testing Products and order the UL UAT USA EMV™ Test Card Set (21 Cards).