Appendix G - Field 5070

Field 5070 is used in financial responses to the POS to return the Simplify version number and other Simplify load information (e.g. parameter file version numbers, TMS Identifier). The maximum length of this field is 256 bytes.

A current sample of this field is as follows:

    5070,Merchant: Elavon; Simplify: G2-2.02.52402;PARM: 2.24.1;TENDERDEF: 2.24.1;EMVPARM: EMVPARM-E4;TMS: 87654321

This field contains the following information about the PIN Pad’s Simplify implementation:

Subfield Name Current value Meaning
Merchant (Merchant Name) Identifies implementation by merchant name.
Simplify G2-2.02.52402 Simplify version number
PARM 2.24.1 parm.fil parameter file version
TENDERDEF 2.24.1 tenderdef.fil parameter file version
EMVPARM EMVPARM-E4 emvparm.fil parameter file version
TMS 87654321 TMS identifier of the PIN Pad