Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC)

Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) allows customers with eligible cards to pay in the base currency of the card. Simplify supports DCC as follows:

  • Processing for Sale (02) and Auth Only (01) transactions has been modified to support DCC. Other Tran Types are not eligible for DCC.

  • If the POS builds a Financial Request using a converted currency, Simplify will pass through the converted currency.

  • If the POS sends a DCC Inquiry message to Simplify, Simplify will pass through the message to Fusebox.

  • Supported terminal types are IPP3xx, ISC250, ISC480.

    Simplify will process a Sale or Auth Only transaction using DCC if the following conditions are met:

  • Field 169 is sent in the Financial Request and set to 1, and the request does not include a token.

  • The card is DCC-eligible.

  • The customer approves currency conversion when prompted at the PIN Pad (customer Opt-In).

If Simplify processes a transaction using DCC, the Financial Response to the POS will include DCC information from Fusebox. For more information, see the Fusebox DCC section.