Make Payment Request (Tran Type 39-05)

A Make Payment Request message is sent by Simplify after transaction information has been entered for a check (or part of a check if partial payment is enabled and selected by the customer) and the customer has approved the transaction amount.

There is no Make Payment Response message. The POS responds to a Make Payment Request by sending a financial request to Simplify.

Make Payment Request

A sample Make Payment Request message is as follows:

API Field #, Value Description
0001,39 Transaction Type
5100,05 Message Type
5105,1 Table Number
5106,125 Check Number
5217,01 Type of Transaction
0002,14.00 Transaction Amount.
0201,1.99 Tip Amount
0141,840 Currency Code
5218,715 Pay@Table Message Reference Number
5219,12345678 Pay@Table Session ID