Field Formats and Descriptions

The following table gives formats/descriptions for all fields included in Simplify Pay@Table messages.

Note: Data Type = C refers to currency fields. These fields must include an explicit decimal point.

Field # Field Name Size Data Type Description
0001 Transaction Type 2 N Simplify Tran Type.
Always 39 for Pay@Table messages.
0002 Transaction Amount 1-14 C Total transaction amount (includes Tip if any).
The decimal point will be explicitly included as part of the data.
0141 Currency Code 3 N 840=USD
0201 Tip Amount 1-14 C Entered or selected by customer.
The decimal point is explicitly included in the data.
Note: the POS must send this value separately in field 201 of the financial request.
5002 Device Serial Number 1-20 A/N PIN Pad serial number
5100 Message Type 2 A/N 01=Login
02=Get Check Info
05=Make Payment
06=Print Receipt
5101 Store ID 1-25 A/N Optional field; may be blank or missing
Only populated if a Store ID is defined under Simplify configuration.
5102 Employee ID 1-20 A/N Server ID
5103 Service Type Flag 1 N Controls Simplify prompt displayed on the Get Check Information screen:
00=Table and Check Number
01=Check Number
5104 Tip Percentages 1-8 A/N Contains up to three one or two-digit percentages separated by semicolons (;)
The percentage sign is assumed.
5105 Table Number 1-25 A/N Entered at prompt
5106 Check Number 1-25 A/N Entered at prompt or selected from list
5107 Merchant Receipt 1-2047 A/N Data for merchant receipt.
Receipt lines are separated by the pound sign (#). E.g. ## tells Simplify to print a blank line before beginning the next line.
Receipt lines are printed using left justification. For center justification, pad with spaces.
Note on Font Size: this is controlled by Simplify in the Print Receipt Request. See Print Receipt Message for more information.
5108 Customer Receipt 1-2047 A/N Data for customer receipt. Same format as 5107.
5110 POS Response Code 2 N Response Code from POS.
Any other value=declined.
5111 POS Response Message 1-50 A/N Response Message from POS.
Displayed on PIN Pad.
5114 Check Information 1-2047 A/N Check Information sent in five subfields (separated by semicolons):
- Check number. (25 bytes maximum)
- Amount due (includes explicit decimal point; if negative, the check is a refund) (14 bytes maximum)
- Check receipt (5 bytes maximum)
- Employee ID (10 bytes maximum)
- Text data (30 bytes maximum)
See under Get Check Information Message for more information.
... Check Information 1-2047 A/N Information for each check is sent in a separate field. Up to 99 checks can be processed per table or group, using fields 5114 through 5212.
5213 Partial Payment Flag 1 N 0=Disabled; 1=Enabled
5214 Tip Flag 1 N 0=Disabled; 1=Enabled
5216 Group Number 1-2 N Entered at prompt (optional).
5217 Type of Transaction 2 N Simplify Tran Type that should be sent by the POS:
01=Auth Only
09=Return (will be sent if the check is a refund)
5218 Pay@Table Message
Reference Number
1-8 N Message number incremented for each Pay@Table request (from Simplify or POS) and returned in each response message (if any). Used to match requests and responses.
For Print Receipt messages, the reference number must match field 7 in the preceding financial response.
5219 Pay@Table Session ID 1-8 N Used if necessary to recover the correct session.
Sent in Login Response and all subsequent messages until logout/disconnect. Incremented for each Login Response.