Simplify supports Pay@Table processing on Ingenico iWL series PIN Pads.

Pay@Table transactions can be broken down into three steps (see next page for additional details):

  1. Pre-pay (Simplify Pay@Table process) – Simplify sends a Login Request to login and connect to the POS. Pay@Table configuration values are received in the response. After determining a check for processing, Simplify sends a Get Check Information Request to the POS and receives data on the specified check(s) in the response. Simplify finalizes transaction data for a tender and sends a Make Payment Request to the POS.

  2. Authorization (Simplify Payment process) – Simplify receives a financial request from the POS, obtains customer account data, and prepares and sends a host request to Fusebox. Simplify processes the host response, and sends a financial response to the POS.
    Supported Tran Types for the financial request are Auth Only (01), Sale (02), Return (09). For more information on these Tran Types, see the preceding chapters. The POS can also send a Void (11) or an Inquiry (22) after a host or Simplify timeout.

  3. Post-pay (Simplify Pay@Table process) – Simplify receives a Print Receipt Request from the POS, prints the receipts and send a Print Receipt Response to the POS.

POS responsibilities during a Pay@Table transaction include the following:

  • Upon Login Request, validates user. If valid login, returns Login Response based on message specification.

  • Upon Get Check Information Request, returns list of open checks.

  • After receipt of Make Payment Request (completion of Pay@Table pre-pay process), builds and sends financial request to Simplify.

  • After receiving financial response, sends Print Receipt Request to Simplify.

  • Handle timeout from financial response, if applicable.

  • Upon Logout/Disconnect Request, sends response, logs user out and disconnects from PIN Pad.