Sample Messages

Information about the following sample EMV messages is as stated:

  • The POS request to Simplify does not require modification for EMV.

  • Descriptions are given for response fields added to support EMV.

  • Additional fields, not shown in the following samples, may also be sent to the POS for EMV.

  • For purposes of reference, EMV tags have been noted for potential EMV receipt fields.

  • Unless otherwise stated, the applicable Simplify parameter is set to enable EMV processing.



    Important: Elavon does not recommend padding the Reference Number field (Field 0007) with leading zeros. Should you choose to do so, be sure to store the value in your system as a String instead of an Integer. This will eliminate any potential discrepancies in how this field is presented in two-part transactions, and the chance of downgrades or fees is greatly reduced.