ICC Declines and Simplify Reversal Mode

The host approval needs to be reversed if the ICC declines a host-approved transaction, or the customer removes their card from the chip reader before a host-approved transaction is completed.

Note: If the ICC declines a transaction, field 1003 will return a value of 60 and the message in field 1010 will begin with *ICC. See Simplify-Generated Message Codesfor more information.

If a host-approved transaction must be reversed, field 26 will specify the reason for the reversal. 2 = Chip requested decline. 3 = Premature EMV card removal.

If this occurs, Simplify will go into reversal mode to force the reversal. In addition to sending an EMV decline of the original transaction to the POS, Simplify will send a reversal (Tran Type 11) to the host, and resend it if necessary, until a response is received. While this is taking place, any other transactions sent to the PIN Pad will be processed offline. After Simplify receives an approval of the reversal, it will return to normal processing mode.

The POS can force Simplify out of reversal mode by sending an Exit Reversal Mode (36-12) message. Simplify can also be forced to exit reversal mode from within the Elavon Main Menu on the PIN Pad; see the Simplify Configuration, Download and Troubleshooting Guide for details.



Important: Forcing Simplify to exit reversal mode is an exception procedure that should only be used when necessary. Affected transactions must be reviewed to ensure that customers have been correctly charged.