EMV (for Europay-MasterCard-Visa) is a global standard supporting the use of chip cards (“smart cards”) for card present debit and credit transactions.

Note: A chip card is also referred to as an EMV card or an ICC (Integrated Circuit Card).

Simplify supports EMV processing for the following Tran Types:

  • Auth Only (01)

  • Sale (02)

  • Return (09)

Based on settings, each supported Tran Type can be processed as either EMV or swiped. Please contact your Elavon representative for configuration settings.

Simplify will attempt to process a transaction as EMV when the chip reader successfully communicates with the ICC to obtain card data and EMV processing is enabled for the card type and transaction type.

When the POS sends a request to Simplify, it will populate the fields required to process the transaction. EMV processing is largely transparent to the POS, with the exception of receipt printing. Additional Status Message codes are used for EMV processing. See under Appendix F for details.

Note: Cashback: Simplify supports cashback processing for EMV on the same basis as non-EMV. The PIN Pad will prompt for cashback if this is enabled for the card type and supported by the ICC. Alternatively, the POS can request cashback by sending the cashback amount in Field 0017.

Note: Requirement for Identification : If a value of 08 is sent to the POS in field 1339 (EMV Tag 8A) of the EMV response, the transaction should be treated as approved subject to the POS verifying customer identity.

Note: AID Selection: Simplify can be configured to filter EMV AID (Application ID) selection based on the tender type (if any) sent in field 115 of the authorization request. This will ensure that the transaction is processed using this tender type.

For more in depth information on EMV, refer to the Fusebox EMV Integration Guide.