Cancel Message (Tran Type 80)

Simplify supports a Cancel message from the POS process. When Simplify receives a Cancel message, it clears the Swipe Card / Enter Account message prompt on the PIN Pad and echoes back the Cancel message.

The Cancel message is available to allow the POS process to clear the PIN Pad. This message should be used if the POS process and the PIN Pad are out of sync.

Cancel Message

An example of a Cancel message is as follows:

API Field #, Value Description
0001,80 A value of 80 indicates a Cancel message
0007,7765 This value can be used to sequentially number the Cancel messages
0013,092815 Field 13 is the Transaction Date (current date) — MMDDYY
0014,143005 Field 14 is the Transaction Time (current time) – HHMMSS