Sale Message (Tran Type 02)

Simplify supports a Sale message from the POS process.

Sale Request

The following table shows an example of a Sale Request message (from the POS to Simplify).

To allow DCC for a transaction, send field 169 and set to 1.

API Field #, Value Description
0001,02 Transaction Type
0002,1000.00 Transaction Amount
0007,34 Transaction / Reference Number (Must increment on every new request)
0011,xxx.. User Data. See Appendix F for more detail.
0013,081717 Transaction Date (current date)– MMDDYY
0014,115654 Transaction Time (current time) – HHMMSS
0109,Term02 Terminal ID provided by Elavon
0110,205 Cashier ID
1008,ID: Field 1008 is set to the value ‘ID:’ to request that an account Token be returned by Fusebox
8002,ONGUARD Location Name provided by Elavon
8006,TSTLA3 Chain Code provided by Elavon

Note: For the message from Simplify to Fusebox, Simplify will populate the Account Data fields (and PIN and KSN fields for Debit transactions).

Sale Response

The table below is an example of a Sale Response message (from Simplify to the POS).

API Field #, Value Description
0001,02 Transaction Type
0002,1000.00 Transaction Amount
0003,ID:4295897590750119 Masked account number
0004,1222 Expiration Date (MMYY)
0006,26793F Authorization code returned by Fusebox
0007,33 Transaction Reference Number
0009,001 Fusebox – Host Batch number
0011,xxx.. User Data. See Appendix F for the use of this field.
0013,081717 Transaction Date (current date) – MMDDYY
0014,113425 Transaction Time (current time) – HHMMSS
0017,0.00 Cash Back Amount
0030,1 Fusebox – Online Indicator
0032,081717 Fusebox – Authorization Transaction Date
0033,143439 Fusebox – Authorization Transaction Time
0034,E Fusebox – Authorization Characteristics Indicator
0035,RXG9 Validation Code
0036,307229668795255 Host Transaction Identifier (may need to appear on receipt)
0037,5 Fusebox – Authorizer
0043,207870 System Trace Audit Number
0047,C;1;1;1;0;1;5;5;4;3;3;C;0;4 POS Data Code
0049,F Fusebox – Card Product Result Code
0052,0 Transponder / Proximity Indicator (3 = Contactless, 5 = swiped)
0054,05 POS Entry Mode
0055,1 PIN Capabilities
0057,0 ICC Chip Condition Code
0061,00 Terminal Type
0062,201 Service Code
0063,00 CAT Indicator
0109,TERM02 Terminal ID provided by Elavon
0110,205 Cashier ID
0112,400 Fusebox – Processor ID
0115,010 Transaction Qualifier
0125,817183439 Retrieval Reference Number (may need to appear on receipt)
0126,2 Track Indicator (may need to appear on receipt)
0129,0 Fusebox – Compliance Data
0130,1000.00 Authorized Amount
0140,USD Merchant Currency
0163,en Cardholder Language Preference (EMV Tag 5F2D)
0201,5.00 Tip Amount
0651,0000000 Reversal data (for reversal, if needed)
1000,VI Card Type
1001,VISA Card Name
1002,UAT USA/Test Card 03 Cardholder Name
1003,0000 Gateway Response Code
1004,APPROVAL Host Response Message
1005,0010600008014593613999 Merchant Number
1008,************0119 Masked Account Number (for printing on receipt)
1009,AA Host Response Code
1010,COMPLETE Gateway Response Message
1012,0021 Gateway Batch Number
1200,0000AA Issuer Network Information
1300,6340AF8FFA1D0121 Application Cryptogram (EMV Tag 9F26)
1301,E8D8ACF3A49D94373030 Issuer Authentication Data (EMV Tag 91)
1302,221231 Application Expiration Date (EMV Tag 5F24)
1303,5E0300 Cardholder Verification Method (CVM) Results (EMV Tag 9F34)
1305,06010A03602000 Issuer Application Data (EMV Tag 9F10)
1306,E0F8C8 Terminal Capabilities (EMV Tag 9F33)
1307,8080008000 Terminal Verification Results (TVR) (EMV Tag 95)
1312,124 Terminal Country Code (EMV Tag 9F1A)
1313,01 Application PAN Sequence Number (EMV Tag 5F34)
1314,A0000000031010 Dedicated File Name (EMV Tag 84)
1315,0096 ICC Application Version Number (EMV Tag 9F08)
1317,008C Terminal Application Version Number (EMV Tag 9F09)
1318,00000107 Transaction Sequence Counter (EMV Tag 9F41)
1319,1C00 Application Interchange Profile (EMV Tag 82)
1320,0145 Application Transaction Counter (ATC) (EMV Tag 9F36)
1321,40 Cryptogram Information Data (EMV Tag 9F27)
1322,22 Terminal Type (EMV Tag 9F35)
1323,F131728B Unpredictable Number (EMV Tag 9F37)
1325,A0000000031010 ICC Application Identifier (AID) (EMV Tag 4F)
1326,Visa Credit ICC Application Preferred Name (EMV Tag 9F12)
1327,VISA CREDIT Terminal Application Label (EMV Tag 50)
1328,A0000000031010 Terminal Application Identifier (AID) (EMV Tag 9F06)
1332,FF00 Application Usage Control (EMV Tag 9F07)
1333,03062017 Last Host EMV Key Download
1334,7800 Transaction Status Information (EMV Tag 9B)
1339,00 EMV Response Code (EMV Tag 8A)
1350,92 CA Public Key Index (EMV Tag 8F)
1354,03 ICC Public Key Exponent (EMV Tag 9F47)
1357,124 ICC Transaction Currency (EMV Tag 5F2A)
1358,00 Cryptogram Tran Type (EMV Tag 9C)
1359,1 Card Verification Method
1361,840 Issuer Currency Code (EMV Tag 5F56)
1376,0000000000000000420142045E031F00 CVM List (EMV Tag 8E)
1378,1326|Application Label: ;1300|TC: ;1307|TVR: ;1325|AID: ; EMV Approved Receipt Field List
1379,1326|Application Label: ;1300|AAC: ;1307|TVR: ;1325|AID: ; EMV Declined Receipt Field List
1380,CHIP POS Entry Receipt Indicator
1382,F000F0A001 Additional Terminal Capabilities (EMV Tag 9F40)
4747,040511 Third Party Interface POS Data Code
5002,80649419 Device Serial Number
5004,OG Encryption Provider ID
5006,FFFF4D4D4D0000C00152050006 Terminal KSN
5007,V PCI P2PE-validated solution indicator
V= validated solution
Missing or any other value = non-validated
5010,30650467 EMV kernel version
5070,Merchant: Demo;Simplify: V-OG-2.02.02124;PARM: 2.21.1;TENDERDEF: 2.21.1;EMVPARM: EMVPARM-E4-1 Simplify Information
7007,1117229668793779 Transaction Link Identifier. A unique identifier to link transactions
8002,ONGUARD Location Name provided by Elavon
8006,TSTLA3 Chain Code provided by Elavon

Note: If account data is entered manually, and CVV2/AVS prompting is enabled for the tender type used in the transaction (typically, for credit only), the online response will include two additional fields:

API Field #, Value Description
0050,**** CVV2 – 4 bytes (masked)
0700,94588 AVS – 5-9 bytes (true ZIP code)