For version 21, Simplify has implemented a modified versioning scheme, with a new two-part prefix (S-PP below) indicating:

(1) Whether Simplify is operating as part of a PCI P2PE-validated solution, and

(2) The encryption type.

The prefix for a validated solution using On-Guard will be V-OG. Versions with any other prefix will be non-validated.

The Simplify versioning implemented will be as follows:

S-PP-X.YY.ABBCC, where:

Element Data Type Description
S Alphabetic Elavon enterprise implementation type (PCI P2PE-validated solution indicator)
V = validated
Missing or any other value = non-validated
PP Alphabetic Encryption type used by application:
OG = On-Guard
G2 = Voltage
X Numeric Major Version
Example: X was incremented to 2 when EMV support was added.
YY Numeric Minor Version. Changes that affect architecture or security.
ABBCC Numeric Build release
A: 0-4: Only used for On-Guard implementations.
5-9: Only used for Voltage implementations.
BB: Feature changes that do not affect architecture or security.
CC: Sequential build number for IngEstate control. No impact on functionality. For bug fixes or adjustments.

The Simplify version number will not affect the EMV level. A separate internal EMV version will be used for purposes of EMV certification:


Any time there is a change in the EMV interface or functionality, the EMV version will be updated.

Example: Elavon’s initial PCI-validated P2PE solution will use Simplify V-OG-2.02.xxxxx with EMV2.19.

The Simplify version number will be displayed during boot up and on an Informational Screen that is displayed briefly by pressing 0 when the terminal is in the closed state. (To lengthen the display, press the + or – key.) If the second part of the prefix of the version number is OG, this will serve as an indicator that SRED is activated in the terminal.