Document Overview

This guide documents the Simplify API for POS/PMS (= POS below) developers interfacing with Ingenico devices.

Message Details
  • Financial and other messages that will be sent on by Simplify to Fusebox (the Elavon Gateway) follow the Fusebox API. Fusebox-controlled API fields are described briefly here, along with sample messages and field names; for detailed information see under Transaction Types in the Fusebox Integration Guide.

  • Message Details provides generic Simplify-specific Guidelines for Handling Financial Messages.

  • Specific messages not sent on to Fusebox are described fully under Non-Financial Messages and its subsections, including detailed usage and message format as well as sample messages and field names.

Note concerning message samples given under Message Details:

  • Samples are for online transactions. Offline transactions are covered under POS SAF Processing (Simplify support for SAF performed by the POS) and On-Device SAF (SAF performed by Simplify).

  • Samples do not include EMV fields; see under EMV in this document and under EMV in the Fusebox Integration Guide for more information.

Additional messages, API fields and supported field values are documented in the following places: