Document Overview

This guide documents the Simplify API for POS/PMS (= POS below) developers interfacing with Ingenico devices.

Message Details provides details on message types sent between the POS and Simplify:
  • Financial and other messages that will be sent on by Simplify to Fusebox (the Elavon Gateway) follow the Fusebox API. Fusebox-controlled API fields are described briefly here, along with sample messages and field names; for detailed information see Fusebox Transaction Types.

  • Message Details provides generic Simplify-specific Guidelines for Handling Financial Messages. (General Guidelines on message handling are given under Simplify Introduction.)

  • Specific messages not sent on to Fusebox are described fully under Non-Financial Messages and its subsections, including detailed usage and message format as well as sample messages and field names.

Note concerning message samples given under Message Details:

  • Samples are for online transactions. Offline transactions are covered under POS SAF Processing (Simplify support for SAF performed by the POS) and On-Device SAF (SAF performed by Simplify).

  • Samples do not include EMV fields; see Simplify EMV and Fusebox EMV for additional information.

Additional messages, API fields and supported field values are documented in the following places: