Simplify Introduction

Simplify is Elavon’s PIN Pad-based application designed to process electronic payment transactions received from a Point of Sale (POS) or a Property Management System (PMS).

This document is a developer guide for customers interfacing their POS / PMS process to Simplify. It applies specifically to implementations that run Simplify on Ingenico PIN Pads using Voltage or On-Guard encryption, and send transactions to Elavon’s Fusebox host.


The full functionality described in this document is available for Simplify versions 24-28 build 116. For functionality available on earlier builds and versions, please consult your Elavon representative.

The Developer Guide is distributed with the application and available to the customer on the Elavon website. It is reviewed for every application update and change to PCI P2PE requirements (at least annually) and updated as required.

See Usage for conventions used in this document.