Message Flow

Note: The following flow assumes that check data was not returned in the Login Response. If check data is present in this response (in fields 5114 up to 5212), the Get Check Information Message will not be used. Simplify will instead proceed directly to processing the returned check(s).

Pay@Table message flow - part 1. See text below.

Pay@Table message flow - part 2. See text below.

  • Simplify Pay@Table Process (pre-pay)

    • Simplify sends Login Request to POS.
    • POS validates user, opens connection, and returns configuration data to Simplify in Login Response.
    • Server enters Table and/or Check number (depends on configuration).
    • Simplify sends entered data to POS in Get Check Information Request.
    • POS returns check data for table or single check (depends on data received) to Simplify in Get Check Info Response.
    • Server Selects check (if > 1 returned), gets base tender amount (if partial pay enabled), and gets Tip (if enabled). Customer confirms amount.
    • Simplify sends transaction data to POS in Make Payment Request.
  • Simplify Payment Process

    • POS builds and sends financial request to Simplify.
    • Simplify obtains account data (including PIN if debit), and builds and sends request to Fusebox.
    • Fusebox obtains payment authorization from host (authorizer) and sends response to Simplify.
    • Simplify builds and sends financial response to POS.
    • POS processes financial response (or goes to timeout processing; see details just below).
  • Simplify Payment Process for Timeout on Financial Request (can be performed at this time or on back channel)

    • If no financial response or host timeout, POS sends Inquiry Request to Simplify, which sends request to Fusebox. Fusebox sends Inquiry Request to host.
    • Fusebox sends Inquiry Response to Simplify, which sends response to POS.
      • If POS times out or no host response, POS resends Inquiry Request or performs Stand-in processing.
      • If void needed, POS sends Void Request to Simplify, which sends to Fusebox. Fusebox obtains void authorization from host and sends Void Response to Simplify, which sends to POS. POS processes void.
  • Simplify Pay@Table Process (post-pay)

    • When done handling Simplify payment processing, POS sends receipt data to Simplify in Print Receipt Request.
    • Simplify prints receipts and sends Print Receipt Response to POS.
    • Simplify sends Logout/Disconnect Request to POS to request logout/disconnect.
    • POS sends Logout/Disconnect Response, logs user out, and closes connection.