Graphics Update Message (Tran Type 36-15-005)

Simplify supports Graphics Update messages. This is a type of System Command (36-15) message, with the Command field = 005.

The POS sends a graphics (.png) file to Simplify in a series of update requests. Data is sent as hexadecimal data converted to an ASCII string. The POS must also send a MD5. Simplify is responsible for converting the data received to .png format. For more information, consult your Elavon representative.

The POS requests a Graphics Update by sending a series of System Command messages (segments) to Simplify, consisting of a header record, body records, and a trailer record. API 5001 format (below) depends on record type.

All record types contain a sequence number used to ensure that records are consumed by Simplify in the proper order. If a message is received out of sequence or any other error occurs, Simplify will send an error response. To retry the update, the POS needs to start at the beginning (new header record, etc.).

After receiving a full series of System Command Graphics Update commands, the PIN Pad is updated the next time the PIN Pad goes to the Closed state.

Graphic header requests and error responses are written to the Diagnostic log.


  • Please consult your Elavon representative for details on downloading a specific image.

  • Elavon recommmends building the graphics file with the same size (in DPI) as the file you are replacing. For more information, consult your Elavon representative.

Field 5001 Format

Note: Unlike most Non-Financial Messages, API 5001 in a Graphics Update message does not use TLV structure. For all fixed-length subfields, the length is given in the following table. Unless otherwise noted, fixed-length subfields are right-justified and zero-filled.

Record TypeDescription
Start of request
(all record types)
Rsssss, where:
R = Record Type (1 byte).
sssss = Sequence Number (5 bytes).
See below for values.
(Header record)
Overall information on the message series. Must be unique. Format is:
RsssssLLLzzzzzzzzTTTTTccc…NNN…, where:
R = 0
sssss = 00000
LLL = Length of data (3 bytes).
zzzzzzzz = Size of resultant graphics file in bytes (8 bytes).
TTTTT = Total number of records excluding header (5 bytes).
ccc… = MD 5 checksum (32 bytes hexadecimal; left-justified, blank-filled).
NNN… = Resultant filename (extension must be .PNG, upper or lower case).
(Body records)
Graphics data in segments.
RsssssVVV…, where:
R = 1
sssss = 00001 for first body record. Incremented for each additional record. Resets to 00001 after 99999. Indicates place of segment in resultant file.
VVV… = Data (hexadecimal; maximum length = 1024 bytes; left-justified; null-filled).
(Trailer record)
Last message for the download. Must be unique. Format is:
Rsssss, where:
R = 2
sssss is incremented from the last body record.
ResponseAlways 005.

Sample Messages


A sample series of System Command Graphics Update requests (from the POS to Simplify) is given below (only the first body record is shown):

API Field #, ValueDescription
0001,36Transaction Type
0011,xxx..User Data. See Field 11 (User Data).
5001,0000000140000201000004E008080104E010203004B1B2B3B4C1C2BACKGROUND.PNG0 = Record type.
00000 = Sequence number.
014 = Length of resultant filename.
00002010 = Resultant file size (in bytes).
00004 = Number of records (excluding header).
E008080104E010203004B1B2B3B4C1C2 = MD 5 checksum.
BACKGROUND.PNG = Resultant filename.
0001,36Transaction Type
0011,xxx..User Data. See Field 11 (User Data).
5001,1000017B1561004B5A8F471F (etc.)1 = Record type.
00001 = Sequence number.
7B1561004B5A8F471F (etc.) = Data.
0001,36Transaction Type. A value of 36 indicates a Non-Financial transaction
0011,xxx..User Data. See Field 11 (User Data).
5001,2000042 = Record type.
00004 = Sequence number.


The response echoes the request with the following exceptions:

  • API 0011 bytes 9-11 (blank in request) returns a Completion Code indicating the outcome of the request:

    • 000 – Success
    • 111 – Invalid sequence number received in request.
    • 112 – Other error during download process.
    • 113 – Error during graphics conversion process.
  • API 5001 = 005

  • API 5002 returns the PIN Pad serial number.