Auto Signature

Auto Signature is a feature that allows Simplify to automatically prompt for a signature and send a Signature message (Signature Response format) to the POS, without first receiving a Signature Request. (Signature prompt will occur before or after the prompt to remove EMV card, depending on configuration.)

The following transactions are eligible for auto signature: approved Sale, Auth Only and Return transactions on touchscreen PIN Pads. If Auto Signature is supported, all Stand In responses from Simplify must be approved by the POS, as signature processing will occur regardless of the POS decision.

Configuration settings determine whether auto signature will occur for an eligible transaction. However these settings can be overridden by a field in the authorization request. This design provides two ways to trigger an auto signature:

  • Configuration – Simplify can be configured to perform an auto signature for all transactions that satisfy a configured minimum.

    • This minimum is defined independently for each combination of supported transaction type and tender type. If set to 0, auto signature will be disabled.
  • POS message – An optional Auto Signature Control field in the authorization request (field 11 bytes 4-5) can be used to force or suppress an auto signature for the transaction, regardless of configuration.

    • The use of the Auto Signature Control field must be enabled. This is controlled by a separate setting that only affects the use of this field. This setting is defined independently for each combination of supported transaction type and tender type.

    • To force an auto signature, send S1 in this field.

    • To suppress auto signature (regardless of configuration) send S0 in this field.

    • If this field is blank, configuration settings will determine whether auto signature processing occurs.

For auto signature-eligible transactions, Simplify will use field 5001 bytes 1-8 in the authorization response to inform the POS whether Simplify is performing auto signature processing for the transaction, as follows:

  • 991002S0 = Simplify will not prompt for signature. It is in CLOSED state

  • 991002S1 = Simplify is asking for signature, wait for Signature Response.

The wording on the auto signature screen can be customized by Elavon. Up to three lines of text can be defined, with a maximum length of 40 characters each. Please contact your Elavon representative regarding your requirements.

Sample Messages

Sale Request

The following table shows an example of a Sale Request message (from the POS to Simplify) with field 11 set to force an auto signature:

API Field #, ValueDescription
0001,02Transaction Type
0002,1000.00Transaction Amount
0007,34Transaction ID / Reference Number
0011,035S1User Data. See Field 11 (User Data).
Bytes 4-5 = S0 suppresses signature
Bytes 4-5 = S1 forces auto signature
0013,022519Transaction Date (current date)– MMDDYY
0014,115654Transaction Time (current time) – HHMMSS
0017,0.00Cash Back Amount
0109,Term02Terminal ID (provided by Elavon)
0110,205Cashier ID
1008,ID:Set to ‘ID:’ to request that an account Token be returned by Fusebox
8002,ONGUARDLocation Name (provided by Elavon)
8006,TSTLA3Chain Code (provided by Elavon)

Sale Response

The table below is an example of a Sale Response message (from Simplify to the POS) with field 5001 set to indicate that Simplify is performing an auto signature process.

API Field #, ValueDescription
0001,02Transaction Type
0002,1000.00Transaction Amount
0003,ID:4295897590750119Account Data (token)
0004,1222Expiration Date (MMYY)
0006,26793FAuthorization Code (returned by Fusebox)
0007,33Transaction ID / Reference Number
0009,001Fusebox – Host Batch number
0011,xxx..User Data. See Field 11 (User Data).
0013,022519Transaction Date (current date) – MMDDYY
0014,113425Transaction Time (current time) – HHMMSS
0017,0.00Cash Back Amount
0030,1Fusebox – Online Indicator
0032,022519Fusebox – Authorization Transaction Date
0033,143439Fusebox – Authorization Transaction Time
0034,EFusebox – Authorization Characteristics Indicator
0035,RXG9Validation Code
0036,307229668795255Host Transaction Identifier
0037,5Fusebox – Authorizer
0043,207870System Trace Audit Number
0047,C;1;1;1;0;1;5;5;4;3;3;C;0;4POS Data Code
0049,FFusebox – Card Product Result Code
0052,0Transponder / Proximity Indicator (0 = contact; 2 = contactless , 5 = swiped)
0054,05POS Entry Mode
0055,1PIN Capabilities
0057,0ICC Chip Condition Code
0061,00Terminal Type
0062,201Service Code
0063,00CAT Indicator
0109,TERM02Terminal ID
0110,205Cashier ID
0112,400Fusebox – Processor ID
0115,010Transaction Qualifier (010 = credit; 030 = debit)
0125,817183439Retrieval Reference Number (may need to appear on receipt)
0126,2Track Indicator (may need to appear on receipt)
0129,0Fusebox – Compliance Data
0130,1000.00Authorized Amount
0140,USDMerchant Currency
0201,5.00Tip Amount
0651,0000000Reversal data (for reversal, if needed)
1000,VICard Type
1001,VISACard Name
1002,UAT USA/Test Card 03Cardholder Name
1003,0000Gateway Response Code
1004,APPROVALHost Response Message
1005,0010600008014593613999Merchant Number
1008,************0119Masked Account Number (for printing on receipt)
1009,AAHost Response Code
1010,COMPLETEGateway Response Message
1012,0021Gateway Batch Number
1200,0000AAIssuer Network Information
1333,03062017Last Host EMV Key Download
1359,1Card Verification Method
1378,1326|Application Label: ;1300|TC: ;1307|TVR: ;1325|AID: ;EMV Approved Receipt Field List
1379,1326|Application Label: ;1300|AAC: ;1307|TVR: ;1325|AID: ;EMV Declined Receipt Field List
1380,CHIPPOS Entry Receipt Indicator
4747,040511Third Party Interface POS Data Code
5001,991002S1991002S0 = No auto signature.
991002S1 = Wait for auto signature.
5002,80649419Device Serial Number
5004,OGEncryption Provider ID (OG = On-Guard; G2 = Voltage)
5006,FFFF4D4D4D0000C00152050006Terminal KSN (only used for On-Guard)
5007,VPCI P2PE-validated solution indicator
5010,EMVDC0838EMV kernel version
5070,xxx…Simplify Information. See Field 5070 (Simplify Load Information).
8002,ONGUARDLocation Name (provided by Elavon)
8006,TSTLA3Chain Code (provided by Elavon)

Sample Signature Message

An example of a Signature Message sent for an auto signature (from Simplify to the POS) is shown below. The format is identical to a Signature Response (36-02) message.

API Field #, ValueDescription
0001,36Transaction Type. A value of 36 indicates a Non-Financial transaction
0011,xxx..User Data. See Field 11 (User Data).
0052,0Transponder / Proximity Indicator (0 = contact; 2 = contactless , 5 = swiped)
5000,xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx…….xxSignature data