Revision History



With the exceptions noted under Supported Hardware, this documentation applies to Simplify version 24 builds 35 and higher, and versions 25 and higher all builds. It has been updated through Version 28 build 116.

Date Revision Notes AUG 2021 Added support for Unattended devices.

Added support for PINless Debit.

Added ability for POS to define text displayed while waiting for Mifare Tap.

Added recommendation to set Timeout for ACK > 3 seconds. MAR 2021 Added Document Overview section under Simplify Introduction. JAN 2021 Added support for On-Device SAF.

Added support for Graphics Update (36-15-005) message from POS.

Added support for POS routing (routing Simplify-Fusebox messaging via the POS).

Modified build number in Version Number Inquiry (36-06) response to follow usage in Release number.

Documented requirement that text in the Print Request (36-45) and Print Receipt (39-06) messages be sent in print blocks of < 58 bytes each. NOV 2020

Added Pay@Table configuration to control and streamline transaction flow.

Updated description of API 5104 for Pay@Table. JUL 2020 Added support for EBT Food Stamp and EBT Cash tenders outside Puerto Rico.

Modified versioning to add a Release number that will be used in all customer-facing documentation.
2.02.027 JUN 2020 Added support for EBT Food Stamp and EBT Cash tenders (Puerto Rico only).

Added support for IVU (tax) fields (Puerto Rico only).

Added support for Cash tender (Puerto Rico only).

Added support for Mifare Tap.

Added support for Token Request message on cards processed as contact EMV.

Documented support for System Command (36-15) message (supports reboot).

Added support for enabling/disabling Tip prompting and modifying Tip prompting text from POS (API 5104).

Added Package version, Full SN and Injected SN to API 5070. Added API 5070 to the Version Number Inquiry Response. MAY 2020 Versioning - Updated software version information for Simplify versions 24-26.

Initiate HEM/Ingestate Message - Changed references to IngEstate to say HEM/IngEstate to reflect Elavon migration.

Pay@Table - Changed maximum length supported for API 5219 (Pay@Table Session ID) to 50 bytes.

Pay@Table - Clarified use of API 5104 (Tip Settings).

Informational Prompting - Documented supported functionality by device.
2.02.026 FEB 2020 Updated documentation to cover Simplify versions 24-26.

Modified and added information at external links.

Supported Hardware - Documented support for Lane 8000. JAN 2020 Message and Communications Protocols - Added HID USB Interface from Addendum.

Informational Prompting - Added tag 072 from Addendum.

Auto Signature – Clarified use of API 5004 and 5006. NOV 2019 Stand-in Processing – Corrected description of API 5006 in Sample Stand-in Response. Clarified use of API 5005 and 5006 under Store and Forward Transactions. OCT 2019 Message Details - Added support for non-Pay@Table printing (Print Request Message).
Stand-in Processing - Added API 1379 (Offline EMV Receipt Field List) to Stand-in Response to POS. JUL 2019 Modified headings of sample messages to be more uniform and to avoid unnecessary Table of Contents entries in the pdf. JUN 2019 Changed references to Telium PIN Pads to refer to Telium and Tetra. MAY 2019 Added ability to process Returns sent to Fusebox as EMV transactions.

Added back description of HID USB (removed in 2.02.025). Updated ID information for HID USB to include Tetra devices. Added instructions for obtaining additional ID information. (Addendum only)

Added timeout on PIN entry as additional condition for API 1010 = "*SLR Cancel Key Pressed."

Added tag 072 under Informational Prompting to display scrolling text with configurable buttons (Addendum only). APR 2019 Updated sample messages.

Updated information on matching fields when a transaction depends on a prior transaction.
2.02.025 MAR 2019 Supported Hardware - Added support for Tetra devices on Version 25. Added list of all supported Ingenico devices.

Communications - Added support for Wifi and Bluetooth.

Versioning - Added table of current version numbers for Simplify and supporting software.

Message Details – Added tables of matching fields required for transaction types dependent on prior transactions

EMV - Corrected description of Return transaction using ICC chip card to say that card must be swiped.

Auto Signature - Added support for auto signature.

Signature Request Message - Added tag 002.

Initiate HEM/IngEstate Message - Added capability for POS to set HEM/IngEstate identifier (TMSID).

Scrolling Receipt Message - Added capability to send up to five lines of text plus a total line in a single request.

EMV - Added support for contactless EMV.

EMV – Added list of EMV tags.

EMV - Added option to return EMV tags on a Stand-In response.

EMV - For ICC decline of host-approved transaction, added reason for decline to response to POS.

Pay@Table - Added enhancements from customer feedback.

Informational Prompting - Added tags 011, 012, 071.

Quick Chip Tendering - Added support.

Simplify-Generated Response Messages - Added additional messages.

Status Message ACKing - Made configurable the list of Status Identifiers for which a Status Message require an ACK. Added 021 to the default list.

Simplified-Controlled Fields - Renamed and rewritten. Added subsections on API 5001 (Financial Data), 5070 (Simplify Information), 5071 (Card/Cardholder Present?), 5104 (Tip Prompting). Documented Quick Chip token. Added Quick Chip and PIN Pad busy entries to Completion Code table.
2.02.021 OCT 2017 Initial Developer Portal version