Field 5104 (Tip Prompting)

Supported settings

  • Set Tip flag (see below under Usage for details).

  • Define Tip prompting text.

  • Define up to three Tip percentages (used to calculate suggested Tip amounts).

Supported messages

  • Non-Pay@Table – Supported for Financial Request (echoed in Simplify response).

  • Pay@Table – Supported for Login Response and Get Check Info Response.


Field 5104 format for non-Pay@Table is as follows (format for Pay@Table can vary slightly):

aa;bb;ccFSdFSe where:

    aa, bb, cc – Tip percentages.
    d – Tip flag (see values below).
    e – Tip prompting text. Can include \n to indicate the start of an additional line of text.

Note: FS represents a 1 byte field separator.

Semi-colons (;) and field separators (FS) are required, even if some subfields are null.


5104,15;18;20FS1FSPlease Enter Additional\n Gratuity


For Financial Requests (non-Pay@Table) - Overrides configured Tip settings for the current transaction:

  • Tip Flag

    • 0 – No Tip prompting. Total transaction amount = Base amount (no tip or gratuity).

    • 1 – If Tip percentages defined, customer prompted to select Tip percentage/corresponding Tip amount. Else, same as 2.

    • 2 – Customer prompted to enter Tip amount.

    • 3 – No Tip prompting. Total transaction amount = Base amount plus gratuity (automatically added and explained on Insert/Tap/Slide screen).

  • Tip Percentages

    • Used if Tip Flag = 1 (see above).
  • Tip Prompting Text

    • If sent and Tip Flag = 2 (or Tip Flag = 1 and customer selects Other) - Replaces configured prompt on enter Tip amount screen.

    • If sent and Tip Flag = 3 – Replaces configured explanation of gratuity on Insert/Tap/Slide screen.

    • If not sent – Configured (flag = 1 or 2) or hard-coded (flag = 3) text will be used.

For the Login Response (Pay@Table) - Same as for non-Pay@Table, except:

  • Settings apply until the next Login Response, unless overridden for a check in a Get Check Information Response.

  • Tip flag in API 5104 is optional and not used. (Tip flag is sent in API 5214 for Pay@Table.)

For the Get Check Info Response (Pay@Table) - Same as for Login Response, except:

  • Settings apply for the check.