Field 5001 (Non-Financial Data)

Field 5001 is used in the following types of messages as follows:

  • In Non-Financial Messages (Tran Type 36):
    • Used in requests and/or responses for most Message Types:
      • In request, used to define display or screen operation.
      • In response, used to indicate outcome of requested operation. In Informational Prompting Messages (36-14), this field returns customer feedback.
    • Details are message-specific. For more information, see the formats and sample messages given under Non-Financial Messages.
  • In Financial Responses:
    • For auto signature-eligible transactions, Field 5001 is used in the financial response to inform the POS whether Simplify is performing auto signature processing for the transaction. For details, see Auto Signature.
  • In Mifare Activation Response:
    • The POS can activate Mifare tap by sending a request to Simplify with “M” or “m” in API 0003. For valid tap, Simplify will extract the UID, and send it to the POS in the response as token 300 in Field 5001 (no Fusebox message). E.g. 5001,300014042A18C25B6285