Field 5070 (Simplify Load Information)

Field 5070 is used in financial responses and the Version Number Inquiry (36-06) Response to return information about the PIN Pad and its Simplify implementation. This includes the Simplify version number, other Simplify load information (e.g. parameter file version numbers, TMS Identifier), and PIN Pad serial number data.

A current sample of this field is as follows:

5070,Merchant: Elavon;Simplify: N-OG-2.02.27101;PARM: 2.27.1;TENDERDEF: 2.28.2;EMVPARM: EMVPARM-E4-2-nocert;TMS: 12345678;Package: 2.27.1;Full SN: 182017303261086002913222;Injected SN: XXXXXX03757500

Subfield NameCurrent valueMeaning
Merchant(Merchant Name)Identifies implementation by merchant name.
SimplifyN-OG-2.02.27101Simplify version number
PARM2.27.1parm.fil parameter file version
TENDERDEF2.28.2tenderdef.fil parameter file version
EMVPARMEMVPARM-E4-2-nocertemvparm.fil parameter file version
TMS12345678TMS identifier of the PIN Pad
Package2.27.1ID of package used to build current load
Full SN182017303261086002913222Serial number shown on the back of the device
Injected SNXXXXXX03757500Serial number injected during the KIA process