Appendix A - Revision History



This documentation applies to Simplify version 2.02.024 builds 35 and higher, and version 2.02.025 and higher all builds. It has been updated through Version 27 Build 100.

Date Revision Notes JUL 2020 Added support for EBT Food Stamp and EBT Cash tenders outside Puerto Rico.

Modified versioning to add a Release number (see Developer Guide for details) used in customer-facing documentation and displayed on the Simplify Informational screen.
2.02.027 JUN 2020 Supported Features - Added support for EBT Food Stamp and EBT Cash (currently for Puerto Rico only)

Supported Features - Added support for Cash tender (currently for Puerto Rico only).
2.02.026 MAY 2020 Accessing the Elavon Main Menu - Added Calibration function on touchscreen PIN Pads.

Initiate HEM/IngEstate Message - Modified references to IngEstate to refer to HEM/IngEstate.
2.02.026 FEB 2020 (No changes) JAN 2020 (No changes) NOV 2019 Added support for Interac debit in Canada (version 2.02.026 and higher) OCT 2019 (No changes) JUL 2019 (No changes) JUN 2019 Changed references to Telium PIN Pads to refer to Telium and Tetra. MAY 2019 (No changes) APR 2019 (No changes)
2.02.025 MAR 2019 Initial Developer Portal version