Remote Key Injection

Simplify supports Remote Key Injection (RKI). This section documents how to determine the outcome of an attempted key injection. For more information on RKI, consult your Elavon representative.

When the PIN Pad restarts after an attempted key injection, RKI messages will be displayed during the bootup sequence. The first RKI message will always be as follows:

This message will be followed by a second RKI message indicating the outcome of the attempted injection. There are three possible scenarios:

  • If the RKI file downloaded to the PIN Pad is invalid, the following error message will be displayed:

  • If the RKI file is valid, but the serial number in the file does not match that in the PIN Pad, an error message will be displayed showing the L4 serial number of the PIN Pad. E.g.:

  • If the key injection is successful, the following message will be displayed: