Viewing Simplify Load Information

Information on the Simplify load present in the PIN pad is displayed during boot up and by keying 0 when the PIN pad is in a closed state. (To lengthen the display, press the + or -- key.) For additional fields, scroll down. This information may be requested by Elavon for troubleshooting purposes. The PIN pad will return to the usual closed screen after several seconds.

The fields on this screen will vary by implementation. The list gives a sample of the available fields:

Serial: 07225279
TMS ID: 99901108
Vers: G2-2.02.62702 - 27102
Package: 2.27.6
IP Addr:
Merchant: Demo
Client: TCP Clnt Non-SSL-6000 07/02/20 - 14:06:10
EMVCert: 2.26
EmvKernel: EMVDC0901
ParmVer: 2.27.1
TndrVer: 2.27.1
EMVParm: EMVPARM-E4-2-nocert
ClessParm: CLESSEMV-E4-1
TSA Serial: PLEAST81143216 SDK Ver: ScrSaver: 0
Device: Lane 7000 PCIv4 Flash Memory: 50332
Flash Free Code: 392142 Flash Free Data: 392142
RAM Memory: 518270
RAM Memory Free: 410087 PosIP Acpt Active



The IP Addr field initially displays the partially masked IP Address of the PIN Pad. An optional feature is available allowing this field to display the unmasked address. If this feature is present, pressing Enter at the load information screen will display a login screen. After logging in on this screen (special password required), the load information screen will be redisplayed with the IP Address unmasked. Please contact your Elavon representative if you want to implement this feature.

The above fields provide the following information:

Field Description
Serial: PIN Pad L3 Serial Number
TMS ID: TMS Identifier
Vers: Simplify version, build and implementation information:

Format is S–PP-X.YY.ABBCC - BBDDD, where:

S = first part of prefix, indicates whether Simplify is operating as part of a PCI P2PE-validated solution.
(Optional. If not present, solution is not validated.)

PP = second part of prefix, indicates encryption type.

X.YY.ABBCC = Simplify version and build information

BBDDD – User-friendly version and build information:

BB = Simplify “Version”

DDD = build

E.g. 27102 = “Version 27” build 102.

For more information, see Simplify Developer Guide under "Versioning".

Package: ID of package used to build current load
IP Addr: Masked IP address of PIN Pad (see note above for viewing the unmasked IP address)
Merchant: Customer for whom load was built
Client: POS Communications type and port
(Date/Time) Current date/time
Release ID of base code tied to the current release.

For more information, see Simplify Developer Guide under "Versioning".
EMVCert: EMV version
EmvKernel EMV Kernel version
ParmVer: parm version
TndrVer: tenderdef version
EMVParm: EMVParm version
ClessParm: ClessEMV (or ClessMSD) version
TSA Serial: PIN Pad L4 Serial Number
SDK Ver: SDK version
ScrSaver: Screen Saver group ID
RKI Status of last Remote Key Injection file download
Device PIN Pad model
Flash Memory: Total Flash memory in PIN Pad
Flash Free Code: Unused Flash code space
Flash Free Data: Unused Flash data space
RAM Memory: Total RAM memory in PIN Pad
RAM Memory Free: Unused RAM memory
PosIP Acpt Status of Simplify-POS IP connection