Communications Setup

The Communications Setup menu can be used to select the method used for Simplify-POS, Simplify-host, and Simplify-HEM communications. This menu also allows WiFi and/or Bluetooth to be disabled.

Access Communications Setup

Note: the following screenshot was taken from a Lane 5000 PIN Pad.

  1. Select Communications Setup on the Elavon Main Menu to display the Communications Setup menu.

    Communications Setup menu

Available Parameters

  • POS to Simplify - View/modify the communications type used between the POS and Simplify. The selected type can be configured under POS Setup and (if applicable) Wireless. Supported methods are:
    • POS client to Simplify server using TCP/IP (default), WiFi, RS232/USB, Bluetooth to Base, or Native Bluetooth.
    • POS server to Simplify client using TCP/IP, WiFi, RS232/USB or Bluetooth to Base. Only used for Pay@Table.
  • Simplify to Host - View/modify the communications type used between Simplify and the host. The selected method can be configured under Host Setup. Supported methods are Simplify Client to Host using TCP/IP (default), WiFi, Bluetooth to Base and POSRoute.
    Note: POSRoute sends host messaging via the POS, using the communications type defined under POS to Simplify.
  • Simplify to HEM - View/modify the communications type used between Simplify and HEM (the Ingenico update server for Simplify). Supported methods: Simplify Client to HEM using TCP/IP (default), WiFi, and Bluetooth to Base.
  • Wireless Switch - Select to display a screen allowing the user to disable WiFi and/or Bluetooth (applies to both Bluetooth to Base and native Bluetooth).