Bluetooth Setup



The following screenshot was taken from an iWL250 PIN Pad.

  1. Select Bluetooth Setup from the Wireless Setup menu to display the Bluetooth Setup menu:

Available Configuration


      This button is a toggle to enable or disable Bluetooth.

    2-Pair with phone

      Selecting this item will display information needed to pair the PIN Pad with a phone.

    3-Add device

      When this item is selected, setup will search for available Bluetooth-capable devices and display a list of devices found.

      When a device is selected from this screen, a list of device types will be displayed. Select a type (typically Other) from this screen to pair the selected device with the Simplify PIN Pad.

    4-Paired devices

      Select this item to display a list of paired devices for the PIN Pad.

    5-Advanced Options

      When this item is selected, the Advanced options menu will be displayed. This menu allows you to manage Bluetooth settings.